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held in March 2012

There were 33 sessions at BCC17.

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.NET Framework (22) Agile (1) Azure / Cloud (4) C# (22) Consulting (1) HTML5 (1) jQuery (2) Mobile Development (6) NoSQL / Big Data (3) Security (1) SharePoint (2) Small Data (2) SQL Server (2) Test Driven Development (3) Visual Studio (1) Web Development (Client) (8) Web Development (Server) (3) Windows 8 (5)

Ever think about being an independent consultant or freelancer? In this talk I’ll provide you with some real information that can help you decide if it is for you. I’ll also provide some tips on things you’ll need to get started. The majority of the information in this presentation is based on what I’ve learned in the past 2+ years as a freelancer/independent consultant. More

Carmine demonstrates and discusses how the designer interacts with the Expression Blend tool, how other graphic applications are utilized within Blend and how real-world experiences with engineers has radically changed the landscape of collaboration. More

Cloud platforms are becoming widely available and it's important to understand why, when and how to use them. Especially the services and components they provide. Different clouds from different cloud providers differ by components, services and APIs but, nevertheless, they use exactly the same common principles. This means that developers can use similar patters and practices developing cloud solutions across different clouds. During our session we're going to learn some patterns while developing a scalable cloud solution utilizing Amazon AWS, ASP.NET MVC, SignalR and KnockoutJS. More

This session will introduce the Xamarin.Mobile API and demonstrate how it enables code reuse across various mobile platforms. Xamarin.Mobile is a library that runs on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 which abstracts the underlying functionality and exposes a common API that developers can build against. More

.NET Framework Agile C# SharePoint Test Driven Development

How often do you find yourself working for hours on end trying to get that latest build of your SharePoint customizations deployed into your SharePoint farm? It is no secret that the developers deployment lifecycle with SharePoint has been very painful over the last 10 years. Come to this session to learn how to leverage your existing infrastructure of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server to create a build and deploy process for SharePoint that is stable, reliable and repeatable. More

.NET Framework C#

Asynchronous programming in C# has always been a pain. Data often needs to be passed around in various EventArgs and it's easy to get lost in the flow of execution through a sea of callbacks. It's more important than ever to write asynchronous code and it's about to get a lot easier. We'll look at the new tools and new simplified syntax coming in .NET 4.5 that allow async programming to look and feel more like normal synchronous code and see how they work with Windows 8’s new WinRT libraries. More

Entity Framework is a great tool to use for databases and the Code First method is newer way to use EF. This talk will discuss how to setup EF Code First using SQL CE and the new SQL Server 2012 LocalDB. More

.NET Framework C# Mobile Development Windows 8

We will look at the various sensors available to you within Windows 8. This will include location, gyrometer, accelerometer, inclinometer, and compass. More

Having worked almost exclusively in XAML for the last few years, I wanted to share my recent experience of building a brand new website on MVC3 with the HTML5 template and all the trials and tribulations involved. This session will walk you through some of the headaches a XAML developer can encounter going back to the Web world, solutions found along the way, and how your current .Net skillset can help to ease the transition. More

Get-PowerShell | Get-SharePoint : PowerShell is a command-line scripting language primarily designed for system administration & development. Unlike VBScript or DOS batch files, PowerShell is built upon the .NET Platform which makes it customizable and extensible. This introductory session will show the PowerShell language constructs & scripts and how it can be used for SharePoint development, deployment & administration. More

Right now Windows 8 and the WinRT Metro platform are all the rage, but what about people who are still working with Silverlight today? Since XAML is XAML, you can take advantage of the Metro design concepts and styling in your current applications to both deliver next-generation UI as well as to help brush up on XAML for when Windows 8 ships. In this session I will teach you how to quickly take a Silverlight Navigation application and redesign it to look and behave like a Windows 8 XAML application. More

The goal of this talk is to introduce people to the Hadoop ecosystem, including how Hadoop works, and take them through a discussion of how we have used it in real-world projects. More

Microsoft recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta. For you, as a developer, it is the best time to get your hand dirty early and stay distinguished with your peers. However, you probably are wondering about the many new features to choose, programming languages to compare, new concepts to understand, etc. This session is a call for action, introduces WinRT architecture, functionality, limitation, etc, and gets you ready to start your first WinRT/Metro app development. More

HTML5 Mobile Development Web Development (Client)

Know HTML5! Know Javascript! Well then Windows 8 is the platform for you. Windows 8 allows your HTML5 and JavaScript skills to be leverage to create modern mobile and desktop applications using the skills you already know. We will look at the WinJS Extensions which is the Windows Library for JavaScript to build compelling mobile and desktop applications. More

In SQL Server 2012 brings new design concept: BI Semantic Model and Tabular Model. In this session we will take a tour of building corporate BI Semantic Models in a new experience for Business Intelligence professionals in BI Development Studio (BIDS), and look at some of the opportunities and trade-offs of the new model. We also cover what are the Tabular model and Multidimensional models? How do I build a Tabular model? More

.NET Framework C# Security Web Development (Client) Web Development (Server)

Claims-based identity is the new and preferred way to model security in distributed applications. The Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) is Microsoft’s update to the traditional .NET security system to integrate claims into ASP.NET and WCF (and arbitrary .NET applications in general). In addition to the claims paradigm, WIF makes it easier to implement features like federation and single-sign-on in a secure and standards based fashion. More

jQuery Web Development (Client)

The goal is to show how Javascript OOP, combined with JQuery, can add style and functionality to a web application. - Building custom Javascript objects and using prototype chains - Accessing DOM elements through JS object methods - Quickly adding complex animation, navigation, and validation through simple Javascript objects More

.NET Framework C# Test Driven Development

If you're not using a mocking framework for unit testing, your tests are running longer than they should and they're a pain to set up. You're also missing out on a LOT of fun. Come to this session to learn about Moq, one of the most popular frameworks for .NET. It's free, it's easy and it's beautiful -- what more could anyone want? We'll start with some basic steps, but by the end you'll be rockin' out. Loads of examples to take home. More

More and more, interaction with a computer is done without a keyboard. Users interact with software via touch, voice, and now... motion. We will explore the recently released SDK for the Microsoft Kinect. The various components of the device (skeletal capture, depth perception, video, and speech) can now be exploited via the .NET framework on Windows PCs. We'll explore how to write applications that can leverage the device. More

.NET Framework C# jQuery Mobile Development Web Development (Client)

Come to this session to check out the new support for mobile device development in MVC4. We'll look at the new Display Modes feature for rendering different views for different device types. We'll also look at jQuery Mobile which is the client-side mobile framework shipping with MVC4 for building mobile applications. More

NoSQL / Big Data Test Driven Development

This talk will introduce NoSQL and .NET Development using Couchbase. More

How fast is it? How fast should it be? Gain insight and learn techniques for getting the most performance out of your client-side code. More

.NET Framework Azure / Cloud C# Web Development (Server)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is here to stay, and is being hailed by many as the middleware of this new cloud era. But what does that mean for you as a developer? What changes? What should you be doing NOW to prepare for this shift? What will you learn? In this session, we’ll cover what a PaaS is, why companies are choosing them, and why you, as a developer, should be happy about the shift. We’ll also crack open visual studio and you’ll learn what it means for your applications to run on a platform as a service – from developing and deploying through to managing, scaling, and patching. You’ll leave not only prepared for the move to PaaS, but empowered to be the PaaS hero for your team! More

.NET Framework C# Mobile Development

In today’s mobile market, social games can gain popularity with extraordinary speed. For a mobile social game it’s important that the game provide immediate feedback to the user on progress with in the game by other players. A large part of the social game is the ability to recruit other players to your cause and assist you in achieving your goals. These are just a few examples of how important having a communication channel that you game can leverage to allow your players to interact really is. All the current mobile platforms provide several ways to allow your games to communicate with other players. This session will explore how to use the Push Notification Services of the Windows Phone platform to send and receive messages. Attendees will learn how... More

.NET Framework Azure / Cloud C# NoSQL / Big Data

RavendDB is a low friction schema-less document database that can get your project up and running literally within minutes. It is an amazing tool to have in your architect toolbox. We're going to talk about the benefits of using document databases in your projects. We'll see the code and examples of using RavenDB in different real-life scenarios. More

.NET Framework C# SharePoint Web Development (Server)

As a .NET developer, you can extend your solutions into SharePoint by writing web parts that run on SharePoint's dynamic pages. In this session, you'll learn your way around the two kinds of visual web parts as well as composite controls. Simple and complex web part editing will be covered, along with web part connections and client-side programming with jQuery and Silverlight. Finally, you'll learn how to package your solution to run in the SharePoint sandbox or to deliver to a SharePoint administrator. More

.NET Framework C# Web Development (Client) Windows 8

Windows 8 is Microsoft's next generation operation system targeting modern mobile devices and form factors. Come learn the Ten Things You Need To Know when building Windows 8 applications. Examples of features that will be highlighted during this session are Semantic Zoom, Charms, Search and much more. More

In this session I will present how using IronPython or PowerShell in C# development, we can create interesting architecture for application configuration and extensibility (plug in) as well as DSL (Domain Specific Language) with a small amount of code using the new .NET 4.0 dynamic feature. More

.NET Framework C# Mobile Development Web Development (Client)

Think you can't make a simple game in an hour? Think again! Unity 3d can make that happen and this session will show you how. This application created in this presentation will deploy to the Web, Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iPhone. Disclaimer: The presenter specializes in the .NET stack and does not have advanced knowledge of Unity 3d. This means that the answers to some questions the audience may have will be answered after the session on insetad of during the talks so they can be properly researched. Target audience: Individuals who have no Unity 3d experience but have a basic understanding of object oriented programming, patterns, C#, and Javascript. More

.NET Framework C#

So, what is this thing called "dependency injection" anyway? If you know what an IoC container is or what the differences between Ninject and Castle Windsor are, then this session is not for you. But if you've heard people talking about this "dependency injection" thing and you want to see how it works (and why it's important), then this session may have something to offer. We're going to talk a little bit about the Dependency Inversion Principle, what a dependency injection framework does, and walk through an implementation from having no layers, to having a dedicated data access layer, to abstracting and injecting that data access layer, and finally to abstracting and injecting the dependency injection container itself. More

.NET Framework C# Visual Studio

Once again, it's about time for another new version of Visual Studio, and there's lots of exciting new goodies. In this session we'll look at some of the new features in the Visual Studio 11 Beta and see how you can get the most out of the new IDE right now. More

Web Development (Client) Windows 8

Ready to learn about Windows 8? This session will help you get started by introducing the platform and ways to build Metro style applications. Get an understanding of the developer opportunity, design tenets, programming options, development tools, as well as integration points with Windows 8 and across Metro style apps. (This session should provide a general foundation for other related sessions scheduled for Code Camp.) More

Stored procedures and functions are the mainstay of SQL Server coding. This presentation will show techniques to improve their performance using the lessons learned by Andy Novick over several years of development. We’ll start with the most important techniques to learn where the time is really going using standard server traces and the new SQL Server Extended Events. Once we know where the time is going we look at strategies to decrease it: • Managing indexes on temp tables o Why heaps are often the best choice for temp tables o How to discover if an index is helping o How building non-clustered indexes on heaps is faster than building clustered indexes. • Rewriting scalar and multi-statement functions to as inline functions and why it’s so... More