Simple, Fast, and Elastic NoSQL with Couchbase Server

Couchbase Server is a simple, fast, and elastic documented-oriented database. It is simple in its document-oriented approach to data modeling, where domain objects may be naturally mapped to their persistence layer. It is simple to monitor and manage in production, elastically allowing administrators to add and remove nodes to a cluster at any time, without downtime. Couchbase Server is fast thanks to its actively managed cache, compatible with (and built upon) memcached. Indexing, analytics and other advanced ways of managing data in a Couchbase cluster are easily available through the definition of incremental Map/Reduce views. In this session attendees will get a brief introduction to managing Couchbase Server clusters, followed by an exploration of Couchbase Server’s Key/Value and Document-Oriented APIs. Application development with Mono, MonoDevelop and the Couchbase Client Library for .NET will be covered in detail, from “Hello, World!” to working with Map/Reduce Views to best practices.