Developing Social Games for Web and Mobile devices

In today’s mobile market, social games can gain popularity with extraordinary speed. For a mobile social game it’s important that the game provide mechanisms for players to interact with other players by other players. Some social games, like many on Facebook, allow players to recruit other players to your cause and assist you in achieving your goals. Other games have a more real-time interaction with players. A consistent theme for social games is that the more players can play the game the better, so being able to target multiple platforms with a minimal amount of rework is extremely important. This session will walk attendees throughout creating a simple social game. The basic framework will rely heavily on a web site deployed into Microsoft’s Azure Platform, using ASP.NET MVC, HTML 5 and CSS 3. By using the Social Games for Azure Toolkit, additional game mechanics like authentication, leaderboards, friends, invites and notifications will be added. Attendees will also be shown how to adapt their games to mobile devices so that players can participate in the game no matter where they are. Code will be shown and demoed thought the session and the complete source and presentation will be available before the conference.