Leverage Push Notifications to creating Multi-player Turn-based Games

In today’s mobile market, social games can gain popularity with extraordinary speed. For a mobile social game it’s important that the game provide immediate feedback to the user on progress with in the game by other players. A large part of the social game is the ability to recruit other players to your cause and assist you in achieving your goals. These are just a few examples of how important having a communication channel that you game can leverage to allow your players to interact really is. All the current mobile platforms provide several ways to allow your games to communicate with other players. This session will explore how to use the Push Notification Services of each platform to send and receive messages. Attendees will learn how to use push notifications to transfer play to the next player and synchronize play between multiple players. Next attendees will learn how to leverage Push notifications to ask other players for assistance or to taunt about achievements made within the game. Finally, attendees will learn how to modify their games' Live Tile ( Windows Phone only ) based on information received from a Push Notification Message. Code will be shown and demoed throughout the session and the complete source and presentation will be available before the conference.