Sessions tagged as Visual Studio

Cloud Storage (Azure Blob and Amazon S3)
Submitted by: Udaiappa Ramachandran

Time: 1:30 PM – 2:40 PM, Saturday, March 9, 2013
Location: One Mem Drive, Deborah Sampson

If you're interested in learning tips and tricks that cover the spectrum of Cloud Storage (Azure Blob and Amazon S3) , this will be a session of interest to you. Topics covered in this session include basics of cloud storage, APIs, Signing URL for private content, Consuming from Web site, CDN, Implementing interfaces to connect multiple cloud storages using Unity Framework. Samples will be provided for this topics.

Multi-Targeting using Portable Class Libraries
Submitted by: Muhammad Siddiqi

Time: 4:10 PM – 5:20 PM, Saturday, March 9, 2013
Location: One Mem Drive, Thomas Paul

Multi-Targeting is about reusability. It is about writing code once which can be reused across different frameworks. This reduces development and maintenance time giving a boost in ROI. This session would start with discussion about various historical multi-targeting options with Microsoft Development technologies. We would see how portable class libraries supports this idea. The main focus would be about efficiently writing portable class libraries using new Visual Studio tooling features.

Profiling in Visual Studio
Submitted by: James Sturtevant

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:10 AM, Saturday, March 9, 2013
Location: One Mem Drive, Deborah Sampson

Application bottlenecks slowing you down? Come to this session to learn how to use Visual Studio Profiler to recognize various bottlenecks in your application. You will learn the basic types of profiling offered in VS, how to use them, and how to read the results. We will use sample applications to demonstrate real world scenarios.

Identity and Access Control with Visual Studio 2012, MVC 4.5, Azure Websites and Azure ACS
Submitted by: Marshall Rosenstein

Time: 11:40 AM – 12:50 PM, Saturday, March 9, 2013
Location: One Mem Drive, Deborah Sampson

Claims-based security is the foundation of the .NET 4.5 user security model and therefore has become a core competency for any developer who builds applications that require authentication or authorization. Azure Access Control Services (ACS) enables developers to easily implement claims-based security with users' existing Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, Facebook, or Active Directory accounts. And best of all, Azure ACS is FREE! In this session, we'll learn how to develop a secure Azure Website (also FREE!) using Visual Studio 2012, MVC 4.5, and Azure ACS. *Recommended prerequisites*: some familiarity with an earlier version of ASP.NET MVC (any of 2.0 - 4.0); rough understanding of what is a "claim"; have previously seen a demo of Azure table storage; able to stay awake for an hour in a dark room listening to a monotone voice.