About Boston Code Camp 20 - Presenters

held in October 2013

There were 16 presenters at CC20.

Andrew Babiec is a Director of Software Technology for Tallan, with 15+ years of experience in custom business software development, primarily in .NET, BizTalk and J2EE. He is an active speaker at New England Code Camps and user group meetings,... More

Anthony van der Hoorn is a co–founder of Glimpse, and a regular speaker on such topics as Open Source, Web Practices and Diagnostics for the Web. Anthony has specializing in web and front end development with technologies such as JavaScript, CSS,... More

Bill has spent his entire career in the software industry, spanning both technical and business roles. His technical time is spent between curly braces, primarily with C#. He’s the author of the best selling “Effective C#”, now in its second edition,... More

Bill Wilder (Principal Cloud Architect for Development Partners Software) is a hands-on developer, architect, consultant, trainer, speaker, writer, and community leader focused on helping companies and individuals succeed with the cloud using the... More

Bob Ohlheiser is a senior architect and software engineer based in Hartford, CT. He has developed a wide range of systems for a diverse client base while operating the software engineering and consulting firm R. J. Ohlheiser, Inc. for the past twenty... More

Brock Allen is a consultant specializing in .NET, web development, and web-based security. He also is an instructor for the training company DevelopMentor, associate consultant for Thinktecture, a contributor to the Thinktecture IdentityModel,... More

Chris is a technology consultant that provides system architecture, software development, mentoring, and technical training for website and mobile device application development. Chris founded iDevTech in 1986 and has implemented technology solutions... More

Jason Haley is an Independent Consultant living in historic Salem Massachusetts, who spends his time providing technical solutions to business problems. He focuses on using web and Microsoft technologies.

John Garland is a Microsoft Client Development MVP and a Senior Consultant at Wintellect. Prior to consulting, he spent much of his career working on high-performance video and statistical analysis tools for premier sports teams, with an emphasis on... More

John Zablocki is the Director of Information Technology at the EF Foundation for Foreign Study, in Cambridge, MA. He is the founder of Beantown ALT.NET, and former adjunct at Fairfield University in the Dolan School of Business. John holds an M.S. in... More

Kyle has been developing software applications for the State of Vermont for more than 72 weeks! (sounds better than a little over a year). He's interested in desktop, mobile, and web development technologies, especially if they're on the .NET stack. He... More

I have maintained in-depth experience architecting, implementing, documenting, and leading technical staff in building highly complex and scalable software applications for medium to large organizations. I have over a decade of experience in software... More

Muhammad has been serving the Microsoft Enterprise Development world for more that 8 years. During this time he has worked in public sector, marketing and advertising & banking and finance industries. He is a recipient of Microsoft Community... More

MS MVP.. Local UG Leader.. Dot Net Guy

Phil Denoncourt is a .NET consultant, who over the past dozen years has developed a wide range of .NET and web applications and has over 20 years experience writing software. He speaks at many venues in the New England Area on a variety of... More

Russ Fustino is Head of Developer Evangelism at ComponentOne. He is a highly experienced Windows Phone and Windows 8 software developer with a passion for conveying relevant, current, and future software development technologies and tools through live... More