Yogiraj Aradhye

Web site: http://aradhye.com

I have been coding professionally for more than 7 years, that's 1 dog year for the animal lovers. I am a Senior Software Developer at Clarus Marketing Group, and I work on a variety of technologies all centered around the .NET framework, with a deep focus on my C# skills. I leverage other technologies to help power our Web applications, including JavaScript, and the small army of JS libraries available. I am a graduate of Shivaji University in India, and I received my Masters of Information Systems from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. I am a past speaker from Code Camp Hartford. My blog and presentations can be found at aradhye.com. When I am not coding, presenting or watching screencasts on Pluralsight, I love to discuss cricket and baseball. If you’d like to have me speak, we can talk about it over a few sets of tennis at the local tennis court, because that's where I can be found most Friday evenings.