Using the ASP.NET MVC Web API in a Multi-Device World

This session will provide an overview of the ASP.NET (http://ASP.NET) MVC Web API which provides the ability to create HTTP services that can be accessed by a range of devices from a browser to a mobile device. The purpose and concepts associated with Web API will be discussed first to provide a basis for the implementation details. This will include how Web API controllers differ from "traditional" MVC controllers, specifically how HTTP GET, POST, and DELETE are the basis for Web API controller actions. Next, a demo Web API project will be reviewed including a discussion of how JSON plays a major role in data input and output for Web API actions. Lastly, there will be a facilitated discussion of how the Web API might be used to provide services to multiple devices. If time permits, there will be a brief discussion of the recently announced ASP.NET (http://ASP.NET) vNext and it's potential role in using the Web API going forward.