Hadouken! Game Development with HTML5 and Javascript

HTML5 presents a great opportunity to create browser based games that work across the array of tablet and smartphone based devices. In the near future, as the device environment becomes more diverse, developers will begin to adopt standards that work across all devices. With HTML5, Javascript and the free createJS engine, surprisingly sophisticated games can be created. In this workshop session, you'll be invited to code along with the instructor as you create a basic game and deploy it to a mobile environment. The games graphical and audio assets will be provided to you as you learn the techniques to create HTML5 based game that includes sprite-based graphics, audio, animations and more. What will attendees learn? • Understand the Tools, Environment and Libraries used for HTML5 Game Programming • HTML5 Game Development Workflow • How to Create and Load Sprites (Canvas Display Objects) • Object Nesting: How to Create an Object Hierarchy • Asset Preloading: Make sure Game Assets are Available When Needed • Tweens and Tween Sequences: Creating Animations Programmatically • Audio: Creating Audio that will Work across Devices