AngularJS / MVC 5 / Web API 2 - Building a Hybrid Web Application (Part 1)

In this intermediate level session (Part 1 of 2) we'll take a look at building an MVC 5 web application that has a mini-SPA using AngularJS and using Web API 2 and Entity Framework to provide data persistence. We'll start with a quick overview of MVC 5 and Web API 2. We'll create an API for our demonstration app using Entity Framework and Web API 2 , and then dive into AngularJS (using v1.2) in the context of creating a mini-SPA embedded in an MVC web application. To get the greatest benefit from this session and the sample code, you should already know something about ASP.Net MVC and Entity Framework (or at least the concept of ORM). If you're new to AngularJS, plan on attending Phil Denoncourt's session at 11:40, prior to this session. Presented in collaboration with Robert Hurlbut.