About Boston Code Camp 22 - Presenters

held in November 2014

There were 28 presenters at CC22.

I have been working in the software industry since 1996. During that time, I have seen many successful and struggling companies. From this, two rules have emerged: •Successful companies are successful in their own unique ways •Struggling companies... More

Bill Wilder (Principal Cloud Architect for Development Partners Software Corporation) is a hands-on developer, architect, consultant, trainer, speaker, writer, and community leader focused on helping companies and individuals succeed with the cloud... More

Bob Familiar is the Practice Director for the Cloud & Services team at BlueMetal. The Cloud & Services team are practitioners of Lean Engineering, a high velocity product development process that applies Lean methodology, service oriented patterns and... More

Bob German is SharePoint Principal Architect at BlueMetal Architects, where he leads SharePoint and .NET web development engagements for enterprise customers. Bob has been developing on .NET since its introduction, and on SharePoint even before that.... More

Bob is an independent software consultant, providing system architecture and software development of interactive web applications, with a focus on using .NET to provide better access to legacy data. He is also the lead organizer of Boston Code Camp.

Currently Brock is an independent consultant specializing in .NET, web development, and web-based security with almost 20 years of industry experience. He also is an author and instructor for the premier developer training company DevelopMentor where... More

Professional .NET developer in Boston area. Focused on WPF with MVVM and Asp.net MVC.

Chris is a technology consultant that provides system architecture, software development, mentoring, and technical training for website and mobile device application development. Chris has been recognized by Microsoft as an MVP for his technical... More

Frederic Torres, started writing code in 1984 on MS-DOS 2.0 and has worked professionally on most of the mainstream Microsoft technologies since 1990 in Europe. He then moved to Massachusetts, USA in 1998 to experience the dot com boom for... More

Gavin Bauman is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft and a Xavier University of Lousiana grad. He's an avid tech enthusiast and gamer. Find him on twitter as @gavination2.

Vendor and platform agnostic technology professional with over 20 years of software architecture, systems design, infrastructure, and innovation experience. Technology evangelist with passion for building software engineering teams. Professional... More

Husband, Frag Castle Games founder, Open Source junkie and game-maker.

Jeremy, is a Senior Developer at Ontuitive, has been developing line of business applications for 15 years primarily in the Microsoft Stack. He has a passion for writing clean, scalable code and sharing what he has learned with others.

Jesse Liberty is a Master Consultant for Falafel Software, where he provides consulting in Xamarin, Angular and other web technologies. He is also a Microsoft MVP, a Telerik MVP, a Xamarin Certified Developer, an author, and he creates courses for... More

Joan Wortman is a former software architect who has recently turned her focus toward User Experience. As a User Experience Specialist at MathWorks, she helps connect developers with users. In addition to interviewing customers, conducting usability... More

John Bowen is an independent software consultant, creating software and providing technical leadership for large scale projects, usually in the areas of WPF and related XAML technologies. These include projects which have been the subject of Microsoft... More

John is a full stack web developer by day and an Indie Game Dev by night. He is currently working on 2 titles made with the Unity 3D game engine as part of Frag Castle Games.

Warwick, R.I. – October 8, 2014 – John Miner, currently a Senior Consultant at Atrion providing Database and Business Intelligence solutions to local companies, has been awarded by Microsoft the prestigious designation of Microsoft Most Valuable... More

Larry has 35 years' experience in software development as a programmer, consultant, teacher, and manager. He currently leads a team of AngularJS and Web API developers at ScerIS, a software company in Sudbury, Massachusetts. He has presented at several... More

Matthias has been working in software development for over 30 years. He manages the DB infrastructure and ERP as well as the web based BI infrastructure at a major Food Manufacturer in the US. He has outmaneuvered organizational as well as... More

Michael Cummings is a Technical Evangelist with Microsoft. He has experience as a developer and architect with concentrations in app development, infrastructure design & deployment and business process as it relates to technology. He is an MVP and... More

Oren is a Senior Software Engineer at BlueMetal Architects. He is passionate about reducing friction in the development process and enabling other developers to create portable cross-platform applications using .NET. Named a Microsoft MVP for Windows... More

Pat Tormey MS MVP New Hampshire .Net Seacoast (Portsmouth) User Group Leader Frequent speaker at MS Events and all round nice guy

Phil Denoncourt is a Javascript and .NET consultant, who over the past dozen years has developed a wide range of .NET and web applications and has over 20 years experience writing software. He speaks at many venues in the New England Area on a variety... More

When I started working as an engineer at Motorola over 35 years ago, I was a nervous and boring presenter. It took me years to learn the techniques to effectively explain technical topics to both a technical and non-technical audience. Mastering these... More

Robert Hurlbut is an independent software consultant, software security architect, and business owner. Robert specializes in developing custom software business solutions for many industries. Robert also leads the Boston .NET Architecture Group which... More

Udaiappa Ramachandran (Udai) is a CTO at Akumina, is a Cloud Expert, Azure insider, Organizer of New Hampshire Cloud .NET Cloud User Group (@nhcloud) and is often engaged as a speaker for the New England Area user group, boot camp, and code camp.