About Boston Code Camp 23 - Presenters

held in March 2015

There were 35 presenters at CC23.

I have been working in the software industry since 1996. During that time, I have seen many successful and struggling companies. From this, two rules have emerged: •Successful companies are successful in their own unique ways •Struggling companies... More

Bob Familiar is the Practice Director for the Cloud & Services team at BlueMetal. The Cloud & Services team are practitioners of Lean Engineering, a high velocity product development process that applies Lean methodology, service oriented patterns and... More

Bob German is SharePoint Principal Architect at BlueMetal Architects, where he leads SharePoint and .NET web development engagements for enterprise customers. Bob has been developing on .NET since its introduction, and on SharePoint even before that.... More

Bob is an independent software consultant, providing system architecture and software development of interactive web applications, with a focus on using .NET to provide better access to legacy data. He is also the lead organizer of Boston Code Camp.

Bob Ohlheiser is a senior architect and software engineer based in Hartford, CT. He has developed a wide range of systems for a diverse client base while operating the software engineering and consulting firm R. J. Ohlheiser, Inc. for the past twenty... More

Fifteen years ago, I received a TI-83 graphing calculator for Christmas. It ran a dialect of Basic and had four AAA batteries. Since then, I have been writing code and causing bugs on different continents. As a developer advocate at JetBrains, I get... More

Currently Brock is an independent consultant specializing in .NET, web development, and web-based security with almost 20 years of industry experience. He also is an author and instructor for the premier developer training company DevelopMentor where... More

Professional .NET developer in Boston area. Focused on WPF with MVVM and Asp.net MVC.

Chris is a technology consultant that provides system architecture, software development, mentoring, and technical training for website and mobile device application development. Chris has been recognized by Microsoft as an MVP for his technical... More

Ed Charbeneau has designed and developed web based applications for business, manufacturing, systems integration as well as customer facing websites. Ed's well rounded experience includes all aspects of web development from programming, database and... More

A former CIO, today Eric P. Bloom is the President and Founder of Manager Mechanics LLC, a company specializing in Information Technology (IT) leadership development and IT soft skills training. Eric’s expertise, as can be seen on his website... More

Floyd has 15 years of software development experience in businesses ranging from large scale semiconductor manufacturing to small scale consulting. Floyd's primary interests include improving the quality of software by leveraging version control and... More

Frank wears many hats in software development including requirement collecting and analysis, architectural design, creative user interface design, etc. His unique expertise is delivering user-focused business applications with high quality architecture... More

Gavin Bauman is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft and a Xavier University of Lousiana grad. He's an avid tech enthusiast and gamer. Find him on twitter as @gavination2.

James Quick graduated from Vanderbilt University with a major in Computer Science and Spanish. Upon graduation, he joined Microsoft as the Technical Evangelist in South Florida. He was worked with various Meetup groups, organizations, and schools... More

James has been working in the web development space for 10+ years and recently got a his MCSD in Web Applications. He is focused on automating workflows including his own. He enjoys teaching and learning about his craft and organizes a Ployglot... More

@Hudl Team Member. lvl 2 Husband, cat butler, Open Source junkie and game-maker @fragcastle.

Jeremy, is a Senior Developer at Ontuitive, has been developing line of business applications for 15 years primarily in the Microsoft Stack. He has a passion for writing clean, scalable code and sharing what he has learned with others.

Jim is a Senior Software Engineer at Blue Metal Architects in Watertown, Massachusetts. He's part of the UX/Mobility practice where he's primarily working on C#/XAML applications in WPF and Windows 8.1, with a continuing penchant for all things cloud.

Jim Wilcox, The Granite State Hacker, is a Senior Software Engineer in Mobile and Devices with BlueMetal Architects. With broad experience across the Microsoft stack, Jim contributes to application builds from the client (web or app) thru the services... More

John Bowen is an independent software consultant, creating software and providing technical leadership for large scale projects, usually in the areas of WPF and related XAML technologies. These include projects which have been the subject of Microsoft... More

Warwick, R.I. – October 8, 2014 – John Miner, currently a Senior Consultant at Atrion providing Database and Business Intelligence solutions to local companies, has been awarded by Microsoft the prestigious designation of Microsoft Most Valuable... More

John is Practice Director of Devices & Mobility at BlueMetal. Prior to joining BlueMetal, John spent 13 years at Microsoft in various techinical roles.

Julie Lerman is a Microsoft MVP, .NET mentor and consultant who the tiny, syrupy kingdom of Vermont. You can find Julie presenting on Domain-Driven Design, Entity Framework and other software development topics at user groups and conferences around the... More

Kathleen Dollard wants to teach you to code better. She wants to teach you more about the tools you use every day and the tools you aren't yet using. Coding is our passion and debugging is our challenge - you’ll be happier if you do both better.... More

Larry has 35 years' experience in software development as a programmer, consultant, teacher, and manager. He currently leads a team of AngularJS and Web API developers at ScerIS, a software company in Sudbury, Massachusetts. This will be his sixth... More

Mark Lassoff 's parents frequently claim that Mark was born to be a programmer. Starting, in the mid-eighties at age 11, Mark was hard at work on his Commodore 64 writing games in the BASIC language. After completing a computer science degree, Mark... More

Oren is an Architect at BlueMetal. He is passionate about reducing friction in the development process and enabling other developers to create portable cross-platform applications using .NET. Named a Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development in... More

Pat Tormey MS MVP New Hampshire .Net Seacoast (Portsmouth) User Group Leader Frequent speaker at MS Events and all round nice guy

William is the Managing Partner at Mansfield Law. His practice includes business law and corporate law, with a focus on obtaining intellectual property protection for clients, as well as providing mediation and litigation support to intellectual... More

When I started working as an engineer at Motorola over 35 years ago, I was a nervous and boring presenter. It took me years to learn the techniques to effectively explain technical topics to both a technical and non-technical audience. Mastering these... More

Robert Hurlbut, CSSLP, has over 20+ years of industry experience in secure coding, software architecture, and software development. He has served as a project manager, director of software development, and chief architect for several projects. He... More

Hello and welcome! I've been developing in .NET, Rails, NodeJS, and most importantly JavaScript for over 12 years. Along with database administration, I've also been designing since I was very young. I've found it's incredible what a developer can... More

Architect/Tech-lead in Hartford CT with over 20 years IT experience. Worked at companies like Aetna, IBM, Microsoft, UNICEF, United Technologies and State of Connecticut. Graduate degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration and Economics.... More