Better Code, Better Debugging

Our platforms and development environments keep offering better debugging support, but debugging is still a game of strategy. It’s a critical game because we fix bugs from the time we first check in code, and the cost of each bug tends to increase across the project lifecycle. Come to this talk to merge strategy with the debugging tools in your environment. In the examples, you’ll see debugging features in the current version of Visual Studio and upcoming in Visual Studio 2015, along with Windows features like ETW (Event Tracing for Windows). Good debugging strategies let you ask better questions and tools offer an array of tactics to efficiently answer most questions. Strategies and tactics differ a bit depending on the difficulty of the bug and where you can reproduce it. If it occurs only in production and remote debugging is not possible in your scenario, you’ll debug through piles of information. Find out what Windows can provide for you, without changing your application, and small changes to your application that increase the value of this information. Leave this talk ready to formulate ideas into testable strategies you can execute to resolve bugs faster and with more confidence.