Create HTTP Services With ASP.NET Web API 2, MVC 5, and jQuery

Today's multi-device world often requires a system to interface with browsers, mobile devices, and other systems. ASP.NET Web API 2 is a .NET Framework for building HTTP services that can meet this need using a REST-based architecture. This session will cover both the concepts and implementation of Web API with the goal of providing attendees with a foundation which can be used to continue their own projects. Topics to be discussed include: -Why Web API? -Creating a Web API project -Models for exposing data -Controllers and the REST architecture -Routing with Attributes as an important tool -How to figure out what your REST architecture should look like, i.e., how to organize your API. -Securing the API -Testing the API right in your browser -Consuming the API from a browser using jQuery -Consuming the API from an iPhone in Objective-C