EF7, Who are You and What Have You Done With My ORM?

Entity Framework is going through a big change as it moves to the next version: EF7. The change is so drastic that Microsoft had to think hard about calling it EF7 or calling it V1 of something new. The initial release that is focused on supporting ASP.NET 5 is trimmed back from the big picture goals for EF7 and will be flagged as a "prerelease". When you install this initial release of EF7, you will see caveats and warning about its limitations. And Microsoft is recommending that unless you are focused on creating ASP.NET 5 applications, you should probably stick with EF6 for the time being and await future iterations of EF7 that will have more parity with EF6 (but never full parity), support for non-relational databases and support for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. This is a very confusing landscape for developers who have apps that use Entity Framework and for developers who are planning apps that will rely on EF for its support. But don't panic! Come to this session to gain a clear understanding of what is happening to Entity Framework and how you should plan for the future even if that means sticking with EF6.