Software Intellectual Property Protection: Soft IP and Hard IP Options

You've worked hard on your software, passionately developing a solution that has transformed the way we work and making life easier. But here's the million dollar question: can you capitalize on your software invention? Have you created an open source solution, a lifestyle business or the next billion dollar company? Securing your intellectual property rights for software can be confusing and costly, even with prior art preventing the software inventor from scaling, licensing, and profiting from their original invention! In this session, Patent Attorney William Mansfield, will walk you through legal options to help you protect your software inventions or "protect your passion." If you want to reap the rewards from your hard work, you need to know your legal rights, including "Soft IP" options, such as copyright, trademark, trade secret, and trade dress, as well as "Hard IP" options, such as provisional patents, nonprovisional patents, utility patents, and design patents. Just as America was founded on the promise for its people to attain their dreams by working hard and protecting inventors' rights, you need to know about intellectual property rights to protect your software invention.