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held in November 2015

There were 34 sessions at BCC24.

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javascript meteor mobile webdevelopment

If you're interested in web development at all and haven't yet played around with Meteor, then this talk is for you. Even if you don't plan on using it in production immediately, the web world is changing, and meteor is raising the bar for other web frameworks. Things like reactive data updates, rich client templating, and offline data access (through packages) are becoming the new norm. Unlike most JavaScript frameworks, Meteor runs on the client and the server, giving you the speed of the client with the security of the server, all in a single isomorphic API. Meteor is entirely free and entirely open source, is the 9th most starred project on Github, and has raised an unprecedented $31 million (with an M!) in venture capital funding. This... More

This session will explore the Performance and Diagnostic Tools built into VS 2015. There were significant improvements to these tools in the latest release of Visual Studio, including performance tips, intellitrace, network performance, and new platform support. These tools can help squash those bugs and eliminate code bottlenecks. More

.net webdevelopment

You may have heard that C# and is open source, but have you heard it runs cross platform on Macs and Linux? Come to this session to see if the rumors are true and find out what it will look like when all web developers work in harmony on any platform with the same code base using the powerful c# language. By the end of this session you will know how to create, edit and collaborate on ASP.NET projects on a Windows, Mac, and the Linux platforms. More

Are you writing web sites? Do they need any background processing? ... are you using Azure Websites and/or webjobs? If not, you should come to this meetup and get an overview of what is now called Web Apps in Azure. I'll spend around half the time showing WebSites and the different things you can do with the new Azure portal. The second half will be focusing on WebJobs (what they are and how you can use them). More

azure machinelearning R

Introduction to AzureML, including the AzureML package for RStudio. We'll quickly level-set on machine learning concepts, then demonstrate how the R programming language and RStudio can be used to get, clean, and explore data sets. Finally, we'll build a predictive model for our data set and publish it as a service endpoint hosted AzureML, More

We, the organizers of Boston Code Camp, are always looking for new volunteers. There are many opportunities: from simple tasks on the day of Code Camp to ongoing work with organizing the event, to working on the website. If you're interested in knowing more about how you can help keep this community event moving forward, please join us. More

angular javascript typescript

Come learn to build next generation web applications using the most modern tools: Angular and TypeScript. Angular 2.0 will be built using the TypeScript language. It will embrace TypeScript's idioms for working with immersive web experiences in larger applications. You can get those same benefits by working with TypeScript and Angular together. In this session, you'll learn how Angular and TypeScript work together to create single page applications. You'll see how you can leverage the features of ECMAScript 6, and still support today's browsers. You'll see how adopting TypeScript can be as easy as changing the extensions on your .js files. How you use the TypeScript features is completely in your control. Even if you are not ready to move to these... More

Learn about all the features, old and new, that Azure Media Services offers! Learn how to deliver your media at scale to millions of device endpoints. We'll talk about video-on-demand, securing your media, and live-streaming. More

angular ASP.NET Web API Office 365

Office 365 provides a rich set of services from Exchange online, SharePoint online, the Office Graph, and more. Satya Nadella says this is Microsoft's "most important developer surface area," and for good reason: it's where users put a lot of their most important business information! In this talk you’ll learn how to follow the patterns Microsoft uses in its NextGen portals to build your own modern applications that incorporate Office 365 services along with data from line of business systems. You’ll learn to build mobile-ready, responsive web sites that are unencumbered by the SharePoint UI and that run directly from the Office 365 application launcher. These solutions provide single sign-on with Azure Active Directory; you'll learn how to do this... More

Clean Code presents the work of “Uncle” Bob Martin and discusses his book of the same name. How often have you left a project you were coding and come back to it a week or two later? Did you just pick it up and continue or did you have to reacquaint yourself with your own work? Did you think “why did I do that?”. Clean code will minimize this problem. You are not unique. When we develop without Clean Code in many ways we incur technical debt. Any time you spend figuring out what you did is time spent paying down your technical debt. Clean Code produces software that is easy to create, understand, and maintain. Your code isn’t complete when the program runs! You don’t write code for a compiler, you write code for humans (including... More

Scrum works best with — arguably, requires — a self-organizing team. If you want a high-performing and self-organizing team, it helps if your Scrum Master thinks like a coach instead of a manager. In this talk, Ben will discuss why this is true and will give you specific Scrum Mastering tips on how to think and act like a coach. More

agile Career Growth Productivity

What is DevOps? Let's clarify the misconceptions. Why does it matter? What does it provide to the business? How does it work with Agile/Scrum? What is the ideal DevOps process and toolset? The big question how to achieve it and embrace a DevOps culture to enable continuous delivery. More

SQL Server Integrations Services is a robust product, with lots of different options available to the ETL developer. For someone new to SSIS, it can be daunting to be assigned a project to extract data from a source, transform it and then load it into its intended destination. What components do I use? Why pick one over another? Even if you are new to SSIS, it's good to have an understanding of what's going on under the hood when a package is run. Come to this session to learn what non-blocking, semi-blocking and fully-blocking transformations are. We'll explore how SSIS creates and manages memory buffers. You'll leave with a better understanding of how certain tasks and transformations can affect your package’s performance. More

.net javascript node

Choosing between .NET and Node.js for your application an unfair decision to make. Why not use both? We'll look at how Edge.js is able to bring the power of Node.js to .NET applications and vice versa, as well as look at performance between the the two technologies and where each can truly excel in your applications. More

Considering nearly two-thirds of American adults now own smartphones, it’s no wonder mobile development is becoming increasingly popular. With Xamarin, you can quickly become a native application developer for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. In this session, we first cover traditional Xamarin mobile development, and follow up with a look at Xamarin.Forms, which enables developers to share even more code with a common user interface across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone using C# and XAML. During this session, we go through several live coding samples and real-world mobile apps to look at the architecture and patterns that power them. More

.net Event Hub hardware IoT

By now you probably heard about Arduino, Raspberry PI and IOT. Like everybody you would like to turn your toaster on from your Windows machine or measure the temperature in your refrigerator. In this session, I will present basic concepts of Digital Electronic using the Arduino micro-controller plus some C code, and the device a USB interface that can be programmed in VB.NET or C#. We will go over the Hello World of Digital Electronic. And then I will demo how to talk to sensors, external screen, multi-color LED strip and finally a toaster or a fan. In the process you will learn about the following digital electronic concepts: GPIO, BUS, SPI, I2C, ADC (Sounds more complicated than what it is) And get ready to... More

…By Writing more code Roslyn based Diagnostics and CodeFixes enable you to provide ever-present guidance to junior developers. Are there coding practices you encounter that you wish the inexperienced members of your team outgrew? Don't complain. Write a Diagnostic and Code Fix using Roslyn to encourage your teammates to follow the advice you give them in person. In this session, you'll learn how to create extensions to visual studio that analyze code and report on poor practices. Even better, you'll learn how to implement code fixes that correct those poor practices immediately. After this session, you can help your inexperienced developers improve practices whenever they code. It will be like you're standing over their shoulder suggesting better... More

architecture azure machinelearning R server 2016 SQL Database

As the data science is revolutionizing the way businesses and government operate, SQL Server 2016 will feature integration with R, one of the primary languages in data science community. This session is designed to help the SQL Server developers understand the potential and capability of this breaking-up feature. No prior experience with R is needed. I will present: A overview of R; Integration of R and SQL Server; Working with SQL data in the R environment; Using R packages including RODBC, dplyr, ggplot2, etc.; In-database integration with R, which enables you run R code on the SQL Server. More

.net ASP.NET ASP.NET Web API security

Modern applications require modern security and the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 security protocols are designed to meet this need. To achieve a modern security architecture you must then use something called a “security token service” that implements these protocols. IdentityServer is a popular open source security token service framework written in .NET that implements the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 protocols. It is used to authenticate users via single sign-on and to secure web APIs. It is designed for extensibility and customization and allows applications to satisfy their custom security requirements. It can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other identity providers (such as Google, Facebook, AAD, ADFS, Auth0, and others). Come to this... More

javascript Productivity webdevelopment

JavaScript is an interesting language. It can mimic almost any style you want: procedural, object-oriented, functional, etc. In this presentation I will take a simple problem and will solve it using different approaches. With each step we will see the power of each approach to take the complexity away, while still being the JavaScript we all love to hate. The following topics will be shown: - procedural (imperative) style - object-oriented - functional - point-free - lazy evaluation - immutable data - async processing using promises - async processing using event emitters - advanced topics: transducers and streams - reactive programming using event streams Any team looking to improve its code should attend this presentation. Making a... More

IoT javascript XAML

In this session we will discuss: -What is included in the start kit for Windows 10 and Rasberry Pi by AdaFruit ( -Available Projects Out of the Box -System Requirements -Project Templates Available in Visual Studio -How to build the "What Color is It?" Project -Demonstration of the "What Color is It?" Project -Pitfalls involved in building the "What Color is It?" Project More

.net machinelearning

This session will cover the use of the Accord.Net machine learning framework. This framework provides a rich API for fundamental mathematical operations and machine learning algorithms where you can easily integrate machine learning techniques in a wide range of applications. This session will focus on the big picture so that you have an understanding of the framework and its real world applications, and don't have to have an advanced math background. We can't keep running this in Python, scaling means we need a lot more developers and a lot faster languages. More

.net ASP.NET Web API azure Cloud Service Event Hub IoT microservice Notification Hub PowerBI PowerShell SQL Database Stream Analytics

Microservices, IoT & Azure provides practical guidance on how to adopt a Microservices Architecture and leverage Microsoft’s Azure Platform in order to build highly scalable, resilient, IoT solutions. A working definition of Microservices will be presented and the approach will be contrasted with traditional Monolithic Layered Architecture. The Home Biomedical Reference Implementation will be used to demonstrate capabilities for Connected Device scenarios for Internet of Things using Azure's IoT Suite. What You Will Learn: - What are Microservices and why are they a compelling architecture pattern for modern applications - How to design, develop and deploy Microservices using Visual Studio, PowerShell and Azure - Microservice patterns for... More

.net angular ASP.NET ASP.NET Web API

Rich, client-side web application development is a growing and fast changing area. Developers who have spent a long time specializing on .NET can be forgiven for feeling unsure of their role going forward. How can a developer adapt his or her skills and not get relegated to pure backend development? In this talk we'll look at how a developer can use existing server technologies in new ways to enable smarter client applications. We'll use ASP.NET MVC, Web API, SignalR and AngularJS to build a web application that notifies connected clients of changes to data in real time. More

In this session we will have a panel of experienced people cover common challenges, lessons learned and their opinions of developing Single Page Applications. The discussion will include things like: staffing a SPA project, architecture, maintenance and other challenges that can be different for SPA projects. More

Microsoft just released The Power Business Intelligence Desktop Designer. I will demonstrate the new amazing capabilities of this cutting edge software. Learn how X-Velocity uses super compression to query data faster than ever. See how Power Query can access virtually any data anywhere turning it into business information. Discover how disparate data can be conceptualized into a single business view. New visualization technology using Power View brings all this together to see your business like never before. More

We all do our best to avoid the 'obvious' security mistakes when writing our applications, but when a security professional performs a manual penetration test on those applications they often find security holes the developers didn't know existed. In this session we'll cover a the OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities for web application. There will be demonstrations on how each vulnerability works, how to test for these vulnerabilities, and most important, how to mitigate them. More

BDD javascript node testing

Do you test as much as you think you should? Or, even if you write tests, are you still confused about the different types of tests, how to structure and name your tests, or even what to test in the first place? In this talk, Daniel Bostwick will walk through how he structures a NodeJS project for testing, integrates the Mocha and Chai testing frameworks, discuss the guidelines he uses for figuring out what to test, and show an examples of how to functionally test a backend API. You'll come away with a better understanding of BDD, learn how to functionally test any api, and be inspired to better test your own APIs. More

javascript Single Page Applications testing

Test-driven development and pattern-based engineering have long been considered best practices in most languages. For some reason, most JavaScript programmers do not take advantage of them. Come to this session and begin to change all that! As an example, we will work through a case study in test-driven development of the Decorator Pattern, one of the most important in commercial JavaScript development, and cover the basics of the Jasmine unit-testing tool along the way. More

agile architecture security teams testing

Threat modeling is a way of thinking about what could go wrong and how to prevent it. Instinctively, we all think this way in regards to our own personal security and safety. When it comes to building software, some software shops either skip the important step of threat modeling in secure software design or, they have tried threat modeling before but haven't quite figured out how to connect the threat models to real world software development and its priorities. In this session, you will learn practical strategies in using threat modeling in secure software design and how to apply risk management in dealing with the threats. More

agile Career Growth scrum teams

The Scrum Master role in an organization can be difficult. You live between a rock and a hard place. You're influential but you probably don't have any real power. You're not a project manager but you're on the hook for delivering. You're asked to promise dates when the best you can give is a forecast. You're long on responsibility and short on power. (Awesome.) But you do it because it's a great job, right? There's nothing like helping your team come together and deliver actual working software. It takes a special kind of person to be Scrum Master -- Nerves of steel, a lot of finesse, and some ridiculously great people skills. It's a lot of knowing what to look for and knowing how to fix it. Even better if you can anticipate issues and... More

ASP.NET Career Growth javascript security webdevelopment

Learn about common web application security threats and how to avoid them in your code. We will discuss general security challenges and high level principles, example attacks, social engineering, browser security and more, providing best practices along the way. This talk is a good review of the topic for experienced developers, and is highly recommended for new programmers who have not been exposed to web application security challenges in the past. This session is not specific to any particular server-side technology. We will not discuss network security (routers, DMZs) or OS security, as this talk is focused on web application developers. More

Career Growth Productivity

Based on the soon-to-be-released book “Productivity Driven Success”, Productivity Amplifiers are generic business activities, processes and concepts that if properly mixed, can increase process efficiency, enhance the probability of project success, and help you attain your personal and organizational goals. These eight Productivity Amplifiers are: C - Constructive delegation O - Ongoing process improvement C - Communication efficiency K - Knowledge storage and transfer T - Time management A - Asset reuse I - Intelligent meeting management L - Leveraging the zone This motivational and informative talk describes each Productivity Amplifier and provides insights into how they can be used to enhance personal performance, maximize... More