Hardware The Hard Way, No Way.

By now you probably heard about Arduino, Raspberry PI and IOT. Like everybody you would like to turn your toaster on from your Windows machine or measure the temperature in your refrigerator. In this session, I will present basic concepts of Digital Electronic using the Arduino micro-controller plus some C code, and the Nusbio.net device a USB interface that can be programmed in VB.NET or C#. We will go over the Hello World of Digital Electronic. And then I will demo how to talk to sensors, external screen, multi-color LED strip and finally a toaster or a fan. In the process you will learn about the following digital electronic concepts: GPIO, BUS, SPI, I2C, ADC (Sounds more complicated than what it is) And get ready to start experimenting on your own. Reminder: If you know how to code, you already won 50% of the battle.