Clean Code - How to Become a Coding Hero

Clean Code presents the work of “Uncle” Bob Martin and discusses his book of the same name. How often have you left a project you were coding and come back to it a week or two later? Did you just pick it up and continue or did you have to reacquaint yourself with your own work? Did you think “why did I do that?”. Clean code will minimize this problem. You are not unique. When we develop without Clean Code in many ways we incur technical debt. Any time you spend figuring out what you did is time spent paying down your technical debt. Clean Code produces software that is easy to create, understand, and maintain. Your code isn’t complete when the program runs! You don’t write code for a compiler, you write code for humans (including yourself). Humans who will have to understand what you produced in order to make it work under changing circumstances. Clean Code is modular and self-documenting. Writing Clean Code is a habit that helps you create code that can make you a hero.