An Introduction to Meteor: Why and How

If you're interested in web development at all and haven't yet played around with Meteor, then this talk is for you. Even if you don't plan on using it in production immediately, the web world is changing, and meteor is raising the bar for other web frameworks. Things like reactive data updates, rich client templating, and offline data access (through packages) are becoming the new norm. Unlike most JavaScript frameworks, Meteor runs on the client and the server, giving you the speed of the client with the security of the server, all in a single isomorphic API. Meteor is entirely free and entirely open source, is the 9th most starred project on Github, and has raised an unprecedented $31 million (with an M!) in venture capital funding. This talk will go into the basics of building a Meteor application, and how you can start developing and deploying Meteor applications today. In fact, we'll build and deploy a live, reactive Meteor app during the talk!