17 Specific Azure Security Tips and Tricks

Session Materials:

Microsoft Azure (and AWS) have emerged as the dominant public cloud platforms for developers and IT Pros. But where are the tools to help stay safe and secure? In this Azure-focused talk, we'll cover 17 of them. We'll warm up with a couple of high level topics like compliance and multi-factor authentication, move to security features of more popular services (like Storage, SQL, Web Apps, and VMs) including some that many long-time users don't know about, then shift gears to talk about security-focused services that have come out recently or are in preview. Topics we'll touch on will span administration, secret management, encryption, firewalls, networks, PowerShell, and more. Along the way we'll mention commonly used Azure features to avoid (showing better approaches), and dispel a couple of myths about cloud security. You'll walk away impressed with the breadth and depth of Azure's security story - and have a bunch of new tools for your security toolbox.