Azure Automation

Automation is defined as the controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor. Automation is desirable because when we attempt to manually implement complex processes, we make mistakes, and these mistakes have a ripple effect that, many times, takes a vigorous root cause analysis to correct. Automation can seem like an expense when you are at the start of a project but investing in automation will pay dividends as systems grow and become more sophisticated. Common tasks become repeatable and measurable, and the code that implements these tasks is placed under source code control and is maintained in sync with the software and systems that are being automated. Automation synchronizes the infrastructure with the application code. This session will provide practical guidance on the development of automation scripts and supporting utilities that provide provisioning, build, deployment and de-provisioning of Azure hosted solutions. PowerShell and C# will be used to demonstrate the concepts against a live running SaaS solution that is built using Azure PaaS services such as IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, DocumentDb, SQL Database, Service Bus, Cloud Services and Azure Web Sites.