It’s not that Jim has no time for sports. It’s that, in his mind, the technology world has plenty of teams (vendors, platforms, tools, and APIs) to track information on and to root for. A tech blogger and community leader from New Hampshire, Jim is known in the community as The Granite State Hacker. His passion for computers and computer programming began while he was in grade school, and his experience matured around Microsoft tools and technologies, which have been at the core of almost everything he’s architected and built over his 30+ years as a developer. From the database, back-end to front-end, to the user’s touch on desktop and mobile devices across the Internet, Jim leads the charge in coding to set the standard. Using tools such as WCF, SharePoint, Azure, SQL, REST, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, Ajax, Silverlight and more, Jim solves his clients’ most challenging problems. His experience spans a number of industry verticals including military, finance, healthcare, hospitality, concierge, and retail. In between co-organizing tech events and users group meetings in New Hampshire, Jim enjoys developing and publishing hobby apps for the Windows/Windows Phone platforms. His mission is to apply technology to help others focus on their own passions and specializations.