Putting a New Face on Legacy Data - BostonCodeCamp.com

Many existing web applications require updates to provide a modern user experience with the latest cloud security. It can be a challenge to make these updates while also maintaining the legacy data that may be used by multiple applications. This talk is a case study using the design and implementation of the current Boston Code Camp website. You’ll learn about the tradeoffs in determining the level of backward compatibility and considerations of how far the design would move toward the leading or even bleeding edge (for example, the use of .NET vs. .NET Core, and the possible transition from server-side MVC to JavaScript/Typescript in the browser.) You’ll also see how it was possible to maintain the persistent data model and preserve links to pages for past events, to move from Azure ACS to the Azure B2C security, and to restructure the project while preserving key parts of the code base. We'll start from a brief history of the application and various experiments over the years and show the structure of the new code and how that allows for adding new features going forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about modernizing web applications and adopting new technology while reusing existing code!