Natively Compiled T-SQL: The Fastest T-SQL Ever

SQL Server’s In-Memory tables are accompanied by Natively Compiled Stored Procedures and Functions that run at amazing speed. We'll: • Review in-memory tables • Look at the T-SQL language that can be used in Natively Compiled code • Discuss how transaction handling is different due to the use of optimistic concurrency • Recompile query plans as needed • Take a look at DMVs and extended events • Compare natively compiled functions to the alternatives forms How the speed improvements are achieved is a fascinating topic. We’ll take a look at the C code that SQL produces and uses as an intermediate step. Somewhere in the C is the query plan and we will hunt for them. If you want your application to be more than just fast, consider using Natively Compiled T-SQL. It can make your database code run really, really fast.