Predicting the future with R, Visual Studio and Azure Machine Learning

Imagine the effects of predicting the future on your business. What if you have the power to predict the future? Predictive analytics enables uncovering previously unknown patterns and relationships buried in gigabytes/terabytes of your data. Windows Azure Machine Learning and Data Analytics platform offers a streamlined experience, from setting up with only a web browser to using drag-and-drop gestures and simple data-flow graphs to set up predictive analytics experiments. Azure Machine Learning Studio features a library of time-saving sample experiments, R and Python packages, and best-in-class algorithms from Microsoft businesses like Xbox and Bing. R is the de-facto programming language among the data science community that enables data analytics. In this heavy demo based session, you'll learn the fundamentals of predictive analytics, data science algorithms, writing R programs to identify associations and relationships in your data and predict future outcomes using Visual Studio. The demo will showcase how to host your R experiment in the Azure Machine Learning cloud and productize the experiment.