Boston Code Camp 27 - Sessions

held in March 2017

There were 53 sessions at BCC27.

Microsoft Azure (along with AWS) has emerged as one of the dominant public cloud platforms for developers and IT Pros. But what are the tools to help our applications stay safe and secure? In this Azure-focused talk, we'll cover 18 of them. We'll warm up with a couple of high level topics like compliance and multi-factor authentication, move to security features of more popular services (like Storage, SQL, Web Apps, and VMs) including some that many long-time users don't know about, then shift gears to talk about security-focused services that have come out recently or are in preview. Topics we'll touch on will span administration, secret management, encryption, firewalls, networks, PowerShell, and more. Along the way we'll mention commonly used Azure... More

Since its release in 2015, Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is continually pushing new releases packed with features. Come learn from an author of VSCodeVim, a plugin that provides VI key bindings to VSCode. We'll share tips and tricks for building robust plugins, and walk through first-hand how to build, test, and publish extensions. This session is for Node and JavaScript/TypeScript developers, both beginner and intermediate. More

Amazon's Alexa along with Microsoft's Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant are bringing a form of AI to the masses. The AWS API infrastructure provides access to add domain specific "skills" and voice integration to an existing app such as Uber or ordering take out. We'll review requirements, best practices for software development and briefly compare API's. More

A hot new data science technology is on the scene called Jupyter notebooks. This powerful, web based, Python driven, tool supports dynamic analytics in real time. Some features that will be demonstrated are support for multiple languages including R and Python, the ability to easily interface with big data tools like Spark, built-in rendering in GitHub, the ability to weave R and Python scripts together sharing data, server based collaboration with JupyterHub, and how to share your notebooks with others. Jupyter is THE hottest thing on the data science scene. In fact, Azure has built-in support for them. Come to this session and find out why. More

Pattern Matching is one of the new features coming in C# 7. The ability to manage control flow using any property of an object will change how you write code. The new syntax enables new paradigms. In this session, we'll spend 30 minutes looking at the syntax enabled by pattern matching. We'll start with the basics of the new syntax, and then dive into how it can be used and mis-used. When we've finished, you'll have great power at your fingertips. More importantly, you'll know how to use it responsibly. More

In this seesion we will create: • A Windows IoT Core device with sensors streaming to Microsoft Azure • Azure IoT Hub forwarding the data to Stream Analytics • Stream Analytics collecting the data and moving it to a ASP.NET SignalR instance. • Unity engine consuming the SignalR data for realtime data feed in a game. The goal being very simple. Get Windows IoT Core devices streaming to Unity game and create a Augmented Reality interactive experience. More

Are you tired of installing, configuring and patching Microsoft SQL Server? Azure SQL database maybe a way to move some of your existing infrastructure to the cloud. Depending upon your companies philosophy, it might be great for development, testing, and possibly production environments. The exciting thing about this service is that new features will be released on this platform first before trickling down to the on premise editions. Come to this session and learn what you need to start right away. More

Are you a technical expert? Are you active as a community thought leader (speaker, blogger, forum contributor, author, GitHub contributor, User Group Organizer, mentor, etc)? Join Betsy Weber, Microsoft Community Program Manager, to learn how you can be recognized and awarded for your community contributions as a Microsoft MVP! More

Join us to find out how you can support Boston Code Camp help make this event better. There are many opportunities: from simple tasks on the day of Code Camp to ongoing work with organizing the event, to working on the website. If you're interested in knowing more about how you can help keep this community event moving forward, please join us. More

All users say, loudly and repeatedly, that they want to be secure in their online and computing worlds. At the same time, they refuse to lift a finger to assist that security. (“Password? Sure, how about ‘qwerty’? ”) Security requirements are escalating as ever more numerous and important functions join our connected world – think WIFI-connected insulin pumps. At the same time, usability requirements are escalating as ever more numerous and important functions join our connected world – think WIFI-connected insulin pumps again. Unstoppable forces are slamming into immovable objects, and we're smack in the middle. What the heck do we do? As war is too important to be left to generals, so security is too important to be left to the cryptologists.... More

Ever want to demonstrate your app or teach the use of your software's features? Need to enhance your documentation or blog posts with a video? Creating a screencast helps software developers show off their work. Come to this session to learn how to make a screencast video and look like a Rockstar. I will give you 30 tips in 30 minutes. More

The Tabular model for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) was first introduced in SQL Server 2012. It was well received by data professionals for ease of use and compact storage. Microsoft has made many enhancements to the SSAS product in the 2016 release. Furthermore, you now can take advance of this model using a Platform As A Service (PAAS) subscription in Azure. Come learn about what the tabular model is and how you can take advantage of this new Azure offering. More

ASP.NET Core has built-in support for MVC building Web APIs. Unifying the two frameworks makes it simpler to build apps that include both UI (HTML) and APIs, because now they share the same code base and pipeline. This talk introduces the building blocks needed for creating Web APIs using ASP.NET Core and MVC. We'll look at various framework level components and extensibility points as well as explore the techniques you can use when creating a Web API. All of this will hopefully ease your start with the next generation of ASP.NET. More

What do & Office 365 have in common? A lot! And now leveraging data orchestration technologies such as Microsoft Flow & PowerApps, you can build some very interesting business solutions to connect the two cloud services. Enable your Information Workers who are not licensed to use CRM to help continue to add value through the sales cycle in systems they are familiar with. More

Can you believe that it was only a few years ago that we still needed javascript to run animations and dynamically change styles? Web technology and CSS has come so far. Today, we can use CSS3 transitions, flexbox, and other components in order to quickly build beautiful functional apps. With the help of browser development tools iterating on design versions has become faster than ever! In this talk I will cover methods of using CSS to rapidly build functionality in a simple application. I will then show an example of how you can usability test and quickly iterate on different versions of your app. I'll show an example of some of the techniques that we used at Vistaprint to rapidly iterate on a feature and run usability tests. More

This session is an intro to Data Science and Machine Learning. It covers the Data Science Process and several Machine Learning topics: Classification, Regression, Clustering and Recommendations. An example will be provided using Azure ML. More

DevOps is all about software delivery. Create an automated, streamlined path from development to testing to deployment -- that's basically DevOps. Great. So how do you do it with ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core? How do you deploy the SQL Server schema? How do you deal with EF Core schema migrations? What about unit testing? How do you handle database connection strings? What about deployments to Azure? Don't worry. We've got ya covered. In this talk, Ben will walk you through creating an automated DevOps flow using Team Foundation Server 2017 (TFS2017) or Visual Studio Team Services that will allow you to build, test, and deploy your ASP.NET Core & EF Core application. More

The MVVM pattern grew up in XAML, and matured with WPF, and Silverlight. Frameworks such as MvvmCross, and MvvmLight have brought a full-featured MVVM experience to Xamarin developers. A more recent addition to the MVVM experience, FreshMvvm, brings a rich, yet simple MVVM toolkit to Xamarin Forms. Preferring convention over configuration, FreshMvvm offers developers a low friction way to develop Xamarin Forms projects with the right level of code reuse, and code separation. This talk will introduce FreshMvvm, and detail its many features, from navigation, to IoC, and beyond. A quick intro to Xamarin Forms, and the MVVM pattern will be included. More

Ever think about being an independent consultant or freelancer? In this talk I’ll provide you with some real information that can help you decide if it is a right for you. I’ll also provide some tips on things you’ll need to get started. This presentation is full of lessons I’ve learned (some the hard way) during my past 7+ years as a freelancer/independent consultant. More

Graph databases are the fastest growing database engine. Their power and popularity stem from how they store their data - with both the data points and relationships between points having equal priority. This natural data storage model makes graph databases an excellent fit for recommendation engines, fraud detection, and deep data analysis. To make use of graph databases, users need a query language that unleashes the power of graph and allows them to query data as vertices and edges. Gremlin is one of the most popular of those query languages, and is the language of choice for the Apache Tinkerpop graph computing framework. Gremlin is a groovy-based DSL that is supported by the majority of graph databases available today. In this webinar you'll... More

Last year Microsoft released the Hololens developer editions. Since then there has been a lot of excitement around the VR and AR platforms. Unlike the Vive and Oculus, the Hololens is holographic, and all of the processing is on the device! The hololens has some interesting features! You can interact with the holographic world with gaze and hand gestures, as well as speak commands. One of the most unique features of the hololens is the spatial mapping and the spatial sound. These features make the device an immersive experience, but are really easy to get started with! In this talk I will introduce the hololens and show how to build a simple real world application with it that uses these features. We will have a few hololenses for you to try out... More

Two-factor Authentication (2FA). Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Two-step Verification (2SV). Google Authenticator app. Other Authenticator apps. What is all this stuff? How does it work? At the end of this short talk you should know how this all works and fits together, including a bit about the RFPs and background algorithms at a high level. More

Have you ever been wondering how Jedi or Sith controlled objects with their mystical power called the Force without touching them? Have you ever wished you had the power to control things around you with the power of your mind? Mind-machine interface (MMI), or brain–machine interface (BMI), is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device. In this session, I will demonstrate how to control a remotely located physical device by converting your brain activity to commands and send them to remote devices using Azure services. More

Your .NET applications may experience database or storage bottlenecks due to growth in data volume, session volume / length or size of objects. Learn how to remove bottlenecks and scale your .NET applications using distributed caching. This talk covers: • Quick overview of scalability bottlenecks in .NET applications • Description of distributed caching and how it solves response time issues • Where you can use distributed caching in your application(s) • Some important features in a distributed cache • Hands-on examples using a distributed cache More

2017 is going to be a very exciting time for software developers. In this session, we will present innovations and trends that will likely impact the daily lives of software developers in both the near term and long term as well discuss how developers can be better prepared to rapidly adapt to these innovations and changes. More

In this presentation we'll learn the basics of the R language while stepping through the process of building a predictive model. Key points include selecting the model, training it, and evaluating the model's effectiveness. We'll also talk about the R language and the popular RStudio IDE. Find out what all the hype is about! More

App Service Environment is a premium service plan of Azure App Service that provides a dedicated environment for securely running App Service apps. In this presentation, we’ll cover what an App Service Environment is, how to create one and add some apps to it, how to scale apps on them as well how to scale the App Service Environments themselves. In the process, we’ll discuss the virtual network isolation, internal vs. external, and some of the opportunities that App Service Environments provide. More

At this talk, we will establish guidance for building secure and scalable, device-centric solutions, conducting analysis and integrating into existing systems. You will learn how to develop an IoT solution that collects data from a device via an Azure IoT Hub gateway ingestion service, enables real-time processing through Azure Stream Analytics and explore options for integrating with back systems. At the end of the talk, you will walk away with a clear understanding of the key components to an Azure IoT solution that can help you facilitate valuable insights by harnessing the power of your untapped data. More

This session will introduce participants to some introductory topics for graph DBs. What are some compelling use cases for graph DBs beyond the typical "social" sites? Who are some of the bigger players in the GraphDB space and which ones can be run natively on Windows? Along with answering the above questions, I will be presenting a quick "hello world" type application. More

Serverless computing came into lime light recently and along with all the excitement is a lot of questions. Of course there will always be servers, be it in the cloud or in your own datacenter. Serverless computing merely adds another layer of abstraction atop cloud infrastructure, so developers no longer need to worry about servers, including virtual ones in the cloud. Code demo based session attempts to answer some of the questions using one of Microsoft's recent additions to it's cloud offering, Azure Functions, aka Functional Apps. More

Have you heard? Microsoft is going open source! Even their venerable SharePoint platform is moving to a development model based on open source technologies like TypeScript, WebPack, and Gulp. It's all part of a new new page and web part model called the SharePoint Framework which is the basis for its modern team sites. In this session, you’ll learn the development process for client-side web parts and full-page applications using SharePoint Framework. You’ll learn about the architecture and tools, and how to get started developing these modern SharePoint solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a head start on this exciting new development model! More

Have you wanted to build a mobile app that works on every popular OS, but haven't had the time to learn each language for each platform? Or maybe, you've heard success and/or horror stories about developing cross platform apps one time with one set of languages? Well join Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Gavin Bauman, as he dispels some of the rumors and introduces Xamarin, the fully native cross platform mobile app development platform. Learn how you can use existing skills to develop fully performant apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. More

Connecting people, places and things to the cloud, while not trivial, may be one of the easier aspects of IoT as the techniques and protocols are very well defined. The real work begins when you have thousands of devices connected to the cloud and you need to manage the day to day operations of this extremely distributed system. In addition to monitoring and managing the cloud services that are providing analytics, storage, dashboards, alerts, and notifications you also need to monitor and manage your beacons, devices and edge gateways. This session will examine the Device Management features of Azure IoT Hub that support command and control, Device Twin and Direct Methods. More

One API to rule them all, the Microsoft Graph API is the central hub to access all your Office 365 assets such as user profiles, Groups, One Drive, Excel, and video. Although it requires separate authentication strategy, you can create powerful solutions by leveraging SharePoint and the Graph API together in your client side web parts. This demo heavy session will walk you step by step through the authentication theory and the actual code needed to access the Graph API from either generic JavaScript or the Angular 1.x framework. More

Moderator: Ron Krawitz Max Bramble: Ransomware, What is it and how to prevent it Ransomware has become a major issue for computer owners. At this very moment, someone is clicking a link in an email or opening a malicious document. In a few seconds, all their data will be encrypted and they’ll have just a few days to pay hundreds of dollars to get it back - if they get it back (when you pay the ransom, you count on the integrity of the person who provided the ransomware) - unless you have a backup and know how to recover your data. Matt Gallagher: Portable Device Gyroscopes This talk will explain the workings of the gyroscopes found on electronic devices; how they work, and how they can be used to improve mobile and console gaming. More

A full walk-through of creating a virtual world for the Microsoft Hololens, complete with props and actors that respond to the user and the environment. Command the scene using a wide range of gestures and voice recognition possibilities. Furthermore, bring digital beings to life with emotions and dialogue powered by the Microsoft Bot Framework. This will cover the following topics: - Overview and demonstrations of the Hololens - Code and architecture of a Unity project for the Hololens - Building and configuring a scene in Unity for the Hololens - User Experience (UX) considerations for Hololens - Microsoft Bot Framework (with integration) More

The world we live in is becoming more connected every day. As mobile app developers, we need to think globally. That includes a series of concerns like building experiences that support multiple languages, multiple design schemas, and multiple bandwidth scenarios. Join Microsoft Technical Evangelist Gavin Bauman as he covers the common pitfalls of building globally aware mobile apps and how to address them. More

PowerShell has become the backbone of Windows Administrators but not heavily adopted by Developers and this presentation is out to change that., Bryan Cafferky, author or Pro PowerShell for Database Developers, will explain and demonstrate the most critical features of PowerShell such as how to create custom modules, functions that support pipeline processing, using the job scheduling cmdlets, SQL Server interaction, advanced functions, and creating custom classes. We'll walk through examples while getting familiar with the PowerShell Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Add PowerShell to your toolkit today!  For those not familiar with PowerShell, here's your chance to see what the buzz is about. More

Abstract: There was a lot of excitement at the Connect() developer conference in November 2016. Two major announcements were made at the conference. First, visual studio code now runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Second, SQL Server v.Next is coming to Linux. This means a developer can develop code against SQL Server in a Window less environment. If you are really passionate about Linux, join the hundreds downloading and testing this preview release. Coverage: 1 - Core code deployed for multiple environments. 2 - Installs on Red Hat and Ubuntu flavors of linux. 3 - Generate ssh key. 4 - Deploy standard Red Hat image. 5 - Install core engine and tools on linux. 6 - Connect to engine via sqlcmd. 7 - Open firewall for external... More

Containers are a hot topic these days and it is easy to get started with them in development but what happens when you are ready to go to production? In the talk, we will look at some of the possible scenarios for deploying Linux containers in Azure. We will start out looking at Azure Web Apps for Linux to see how it can enable us to deploy any application (Node.JS/Python/ASP.NET Core/etc) and learn how to scale the site based on demand. We then use Docker Swarm to deploy a more complex application scenario discussing the differences in the services. By the end, you will have seen several ways to deploy your applications to Azure understand the tradeoff between services. More

In this talk we will explore the following: * Challenges facing remote sensor data retrieval and consumption. * Real world scenarios and how their problems were solved. * Maintenance and management of large number of devices More

Modern applications require modern security and the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 security protocols are designed to meet this need. To achieve a modern security architecture you must then use something called a “security token service” that implements these protocols. IdentityServer is a popular open source security token service framework written in ASP.NET Core that implements the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 protocols. It is used to authenticate users via single sign-on and to secure web APIs. It is designed for extensibility and customization and allows applications to satisfy their custom security requirements. It can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other identity providers (such as Google, Facebook, AAD, ADFS, Auth0, and others). Come to... More

Machine Learning no longer requires years of experience to implement. Come to this session to learn how you can use Microsoft Cognitive Services to stand on the shoulders of giants to create powerful and unique insights for your users. During the talk, we will explore how to add machine learning capabilities such as vision, speech, facial recognition and language understanding into your web application. More

The wave of software released with Visual Studio 2017 is here. Let's spend an hour exploring where we are, and where .NET is going. We'll discuss the distinction between the .NET Standard, .NET Core, .NET Framework and mobile frameworks. We'll discuss the reason behind all the project system changes and the changes in the content of .NET Core. We'll discuss how libraries are delivered and deployed now and in the future. When you leave, you'll understand where we are on the roadmap, and what will be delivered next. More

Technical presentations need more than pretty PowerPoint slides and a polished speaking style to keep your audience engaged. Attend this session to learn a proven process that will make your topic interesting to both technical and non-technical audiences. Presenting is similar to writing code – using the wrong structure gives you poor results. This seminar will show you how to structure technical presentations that make your audience care, remember, and act. You'll also get access to a planning worksheet you can use to make your presentations memorable and understandable. More

Or from ASP.NET website to Docker based Microservices. You want to take advantage of the cloud. You want elastic scale, higher availability, continuous deployments. But you have existing assets. How do you take the technology you built using ASP.NET and make it a lean, mean, microservice machine? In this talk you'll see roadmaps to migrate from the full framework directly to windows based Docker containers, or migrate to .NET Core and use either Windows or Linux based containers. You'll learn when to apply which method, and you'll be prepared for your own journey to the cloud. More

Microsoft has a diverse ecosystems of services that can be used to built powerful solutions with SharePoint. In this session will be using Azure Functions, Artificial Intelligence, and MS Flow to build solutions to solve problems that have plague many SharePoint environments. Auto Image Tagger is a solution that uses Azure Function and Microsoft Cognitive Services to do image recognition. Currency Conversion is a solution that leverages MS Flow and Azure Functions to convert different currencies to USD. More

Threat modeling is an invaluable part of the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) process. It helps you understand and evaluate the possible security threats in your system, as well as determine the mitigations and risks of those threats. The Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 2016 is a free tool to help you find security threats in the design phase of software projects. This latest release simplifies working with threats and provides a new editor for defining your own threats. In this session, you will be introduced to using the Threat Modeling Tool as well as ways to customize threat templates for your own projects. More

This talk is for those interested in SPFx and Vue.JS with a basic background in Office 365 and client-side development. This is an introduction to the new SharePoint Framework for developers interested in understanding the SPFx tool chain and customizations that can be made. Using these tool chain customizations, we move on to creating a component with Vue.js. Vue is very similar to React but provides a smaller overall footprint and substantially faster execution time. Vue has a learning curve that won’t come between you and SPFx when compared to other libraries such as Angular 2, or React. Vue is enterprise ready and an interesting alternative library to consider. More

Today's users expect mobility, connectivity, and intuitive user interaction with their devices. Apps that do not provide a sophisticated and intuitive user interface that meshes seamlessly with a sophisticated and intuitive user experience are doomed to fail. This session will help a non-UX professional produce apps that follow good design principles and processes with intuitive interaction and navigation. More

Learn how to accept user input during addition of Visual Studio "item" templates. Automate tedious and repetitive tasks with a custom add in for Visual Studio. While easy to build, accepting user input required to generate custom code is under-documented and not intuitive. In this session learn how to add a template to the visual studio "Add New Item" dialog that prompts the user for input that drives custom logic to generate your project item. This session uses a hypothetical use case of picking a database table and generating a model class with properties for each column to demonstrate in a general manner how you might use this technique to automate code generation to suit your specific needs. More

Storing history in the database may feel like over-kill. This session will discuss why history is needed and methods for implementation, including Temporal tables. It may be short on time, but great information for Coders and SQL Developers alike. More

Agile developers want fast and frequent deployments. IT operations teams want stability. There are other tensions between development and operations. Software often is developed in one environment, then run in another. Agile tends to focus on testing to confirm that the desired business functionality has been produced but can overlook difficult-to-test attributes, such as scalability, reliability, and ability to sustain peak load performance--attributes prized in operations.   Thus agile development, which has been so successful at connecting the once isolated developer to his business user, has tended to alienate the operations team. DevOps is trying to extend the gains made with meeting business users' needs to operations' needs.   This... More