Public Preview of SQL Server on Linux

Abstract: There was a lot of excitement at the Connect() developer conference in November 2016. Two major announcements were made at the conference. First, visual studio code now runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Second, SQL Server v.Next is coming to Linux. This means a developer can develop code against SQL Server in a Window less environment. If you are really passionate about Linux, join the hundreds downloading and testing this preview release. Coverage: 1 - Core code deployed for multiple environments. 2 - Installs on Red Hat and Ubuntu flavors of linux. 3 - Generate ssh key. 4 - Deploy standard Red Hat image. 5 - Install core engine and tools on linux. 6 - Connect to engine via sqlcmd. 7 - Open firewall for external access. 8 - Create database on Linux via SSMS in windows. 9 - Load data into table via bcp. 10 - Supports docker (container) images. 11 - Current limitations. 12 - Future road map.