Jorge Cotillo is a Technical Architect at Centric Consulting with over 13 years of experience. Jorge has been coding since the age of 10 when he first grabbed his dad's Commodore 64 book and coded a color changing box displayed on an old CGA screen, this event set the foundation of his passion ... coding. Since then he's been exposed to different programming languages such as Java, VB.NET, C#, Python, OCaml and a little bit of PHP. In the last 5 years Jorge has been extensible working in different cloud projects in Azure and AWS, open source cross platform such as Mono and .NET Core and recently working with Docker containers and Orchestration. Teaching and mentoring team members is part of his passion as well and uses the following equation to determine a project success => SP = (TK + TH)n :where SP = Successful Project, TK = Team Knowledge, TH = Team Happiness and N = You; you'll have a successful project if you increase the team knowledge and happiness during a project.