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held in November 2017

There were 58 sessions at BCC28.

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Azure Mobile Development Xamarin

Yes, I wanted all attendees to be aware of Boston Code Camp's Android and iPhone mobile app. Visit the MobileApp link on the bottom of this page to get links to Google Play and the Apple App Store. (a new version for the Android and iPhone will be available before the November 18, 2017 #boscc event) This talk will discuss the features of this Xamarin based application along with integration and design choices. This is a group conversation, so ask questions and offer suggestions. Some topics we may discuss: • What resources available to learn Xamarin • Are there benefits for a native mobile app versus using the website? More

Would you like to add another front end framework to your toolset, but don't know where to start? Or you don't have much time? EmberJS is a free, open source framework that not only helps you build your web application quickly, but also guides you towards writing scalable, maintainable code. It's great for apps that need to be fast and handle a lot of data. In just 60 minutes, you'll learn the basics of an app, where to look for learning materials, and who to ask for help when you get stuck. Whether you're a new developer or you already have a favorite front end framework, you'll go home with some good habits for MVC architecture and some Ember swag. Some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is recommended in order to get the most out of... More

A broad ranging discussion, moderated by Bryan Hogan, on the current state of the art and the likely future with four experts in their fields. More

Cypher Graph database NoSQL

Graph databases are getting a lot of momentum and are the most popular of the no SQL databases. Querying a graph database has been a challenge and several DSL's have been invented for that purpose. That said, most people are coming from a SQL background and trying to transition to a graph database. Cypher tries to bridge that gap between SQL and graph query language and makes it easier for those who are trying to make that transition. In this session we'll go over neo4j and the basics of Cypher as a graph query language. More

Engineering excellence is key to a successful Agile team. In this session, you will learn about mob programming and TDD by doing it. In this session we will code on a single screen following Test Driven Development practices using "mob programming" techniques. Participants take turns driving (typing), navigating (directing), and observing. Code will be done in Java with Eclipse IDE. This session is good for all experience levels (including no experience). More

A hot new data science technology is on the scene called Jupyter notebooks. This powerful, web based, Python driven, tool supports dynamic analytics in real time. Some features that will be demonstrated are support for multiple languages including R and Python, the ability to easily interface with big data tools like Spark, built-in rendering in GitHub, the ability to weave R and Python scripts together sharing data, server based collaboration with JupyterHub, and how to share your notebooks with others. Jupyter is THE hottest thing on the data science scene. Come to this session and find out why. More

Lacking a user interface, APIs present special challenges regarding integration testing. Postman is a tool that can organize and automate these tests. In this session we will explore the completely free features of Postman to: Learn the basics of Postman - using collections, environments and global variables. Use pre-request scripts to dynamically alter your tests at runtime. Use test scripts to assert results and report pass/fail conditions. Chain requests - using response data to dynamically drive subsequent requests. Use the Collection Runner to execute many tests in succession and control inputs via data files. Use the javascript libraries embedded into the Postman environment and also load your own scripts to share code between... More

Azure Cloud DevOps

Once you've provisioned your 17th service bus instance by clicking through various blades in the Azure portal, you're probably wondering "there has to be a better way," There is - with Azure Resource Manager templates, you can manage your services with code (JSON and some PowerShell) to provide for repeatable deployments across dev, test, and prod environments. This session will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of ARM templating. It's not the most exciting topic at Code Camp, but if you're working in Azure, ARM is a sine qua non (free piece of SWAG to first person in that session to translate that!) More

Automation Azure PowerShell

PowerShell is the robust automation language for Windows. When extended with the Azure modules, you get a robust automation platform for Azure. In this talk, we’ll explain how to create, inquire about, and manage Azure resources with PowerShell. We’ll discuss the greatly improved Azure portal featuring Resource Manager which allows us to group resources together and what that means for our PowerShell development. For those not using Azure Active Directory, we’ll explain how to create a Service Principal which is an application account so unattended PowerShell jobs can authenticate without human interaction. Beyond Azure scripting, we’ll review ways to maximize the extensibility and reusability of your PowerShell code by creating custom modules,... More

Programming SQL Server TSQL

You just found out that a client needs a SQL database to be designed from scratch. However, you existing DBA has given two week notice. This presentation is meant for the Accidental DBA that has little to no experience with creating Transaction SQL objects. After this presentation, will be ready to meet that clients need. More

Join us to find out how you can support Boston Code Camp help make this event better. There are many opportunities: from simple tasks on the day of Code Camp to ongoing work with organizing the event, to working on the website. If you're interested in knowing more about how you can help keep this community event moving forward, please join us. More

Big Data data science Deep Learning jupyter notebook Keras Python R TensorFlow

Deep learning is a set of neural networks algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain. This session provides a hands-on introduction to deep learning using TensorFlow and Keras in Python and R programming languages. TensorFlow is Google’s deep learning engine. Keras is a high-level neural networks API. Because of its easy to use, it has been adopted as an interface for TensorFlow, CNTK, and Theano. This presentation will begin with FAQ and an introduction to some basic concepts of deep learning, then jump start with an example of a small neural network training to classify images. The example demonstrates: - how to prepare the data; - how to create a deep learning model; - how to specify layers with ReLU or softmax activation... More

3D Graphics Hololens Mobile Development Unity3D Visual Studio Windows 10

This is a crash course on the basics of getting up and running with the Microsoft Hololens. We will discover its unique capabilities that are not available with other augmented reality solutions. Using Unity3D, we will walk through the basics of rendering and interacting with holograms placed in the physical world. This session will cover gaze, gestures and voice control. A basic understanding of 3D engines is helpful but not required. More

Android Apple Mobile Development Windows Xamarin

Today developers need to be an expert at building applications for not just one platform, but multiple platforms across many different device formats. Come see how we build a complex video conferencing application using Visual Studio and the Zoom SDK that spans Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. See how we interop to Zoom's native libraries on each platform to achieve significant amounts of code reuse using Xamarin.Forms and .NET. More

What makes an API a RESTful API? What are some of the principles for RESTful APIs, what are the restraints? In this session we will explore the REST architecture style with ASP.NET Core 2.0. We will go over HTTP methods and status codes, validation, logging and media types. We will look into versioning, caching, and handling concurrency. More

Did you see that? C# 7.1? C# 7.2? While you were working and upgrading your .NET Core SDK and Visual Studio like normal, the C# team snuck in two point releases with several useful improvements to features you already love. In this talk, you'll learn about all these features, and about a new setting that puts you in control of the C# version you target, even when you upgrade to point fixes. You'll also understand the mapping of these features to the ongoing work on the standard and new versions of the standard. More

Closing Session in Adams + Washington + Jefferson More

I’m sure you’ve heard about artificial intelligence because it’s the next big thing and all major tech companies are involved in its development. Now you can implement it too directly in your Xamarin application using Microsoft Cognitive Services. In this session you’ll get basic knowledge about artificial intelligence, machine learning and their applications, go over all 6 groups of Cognitive Services and see individual APIs available in Azure. Also we’ll concentrate on some details and specifics of Cognitive Services implementation in Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms solutions. In the end you’ll see a demo of Computer Vision API implementation in a personal image organizing Xamarin.Forms app. More

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is currently number 3 on the OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks. In this talk we will look at XSS in 3 parts: (1) What is it? (2) How do we detect it? (3) How do we prevent it? By the end of the talk you should understand the basics of XSS, some of the tools used to detect it, and methods you can use to prevent it. More

.net core DevOps ef core entity framework tfs

DevOps is all about software delivery. Create an automated, streamlined path from development to testing to deployment – that’s basically DevOps. Great. So how do you do it with ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core? How do you deploy the SQL Server schema? How do you deal with EF Core schema migrations? What about unit testing? How do you handle database connection strings? What about deployments to Azure? Don’t worry. We’ve got ya covered. In this talk, Ben will walk you through creating an automated DevOps flow using Team Foundation Server 2017 (TFS2017) or Visual Studio Team Services that will allow you to build, test, and deploy your ASP.NET Core & EF Core application. More

Cloud Containers DevOps Docker

Docker made creating a virtual container on any machine a snap and totally revolutionized the way we create, deploy and maintain our code. However, we rarely need to deploy a single container and running multiple connected containers takes time and so many things can go wrong in that process. We have various way to orchestrate containers in data centers using K8, DC/OS and Docker Swarm but what do you do as a developer on your laptop ? How can a developer simulate the data center in their laptops ? In this session we'll go over the basics of docker compose and will build together a mini containers cluster on a laptop. More

More frequently, different companies are requesting the migration of their existing On-Premises applications to the cloud. A cloud solution offers a variety of benefits, such as: no more data centers to support and maintain, vertical and horizontal scaling configuration is now simplified, speed up time to market, among others. But what happens if you deploy multiple (say 10+) Azure WebApps and additionally you have to place some of them in your private network? When you start adding more ingredients into the mix, pretty soon you'll realize the need of additional services (i.e. App Service Environment) or the creation of Azure VMs with Availability Set enabled; all these additional services might accumulate quickly and you could end up paying more than if... More

chatbot Cloud Front End Dev JavaScript

From shopping-assistant bots helping you pick out a kayak to Alexa turning on your living room lights, chatbot functionality is all around us. Now, recent framework offerings from Microsoft allow developers to get up and running faster than ever. Leverage Node.js and the Bot Framework to quickly prototype chatbots by combining your own content with enterprise quality cloud services. Use AI services like natural language processing and image recognition without writing the underlying code. Ship faster as a solo developer or small team by taking advantage of plug and play libraries. This talk will provide an overview of basic chatbot functionality coupled with its code underpinnings. Additionally, we’ll see how easy it is to integrate cloud services (AI... More

Whether you realize it or not, every company is a software company and, for all the computers, software is a human endeavor. So how do you strengthen your leadership skills to evolve and compete? In this session, we're going to talk about technical leadership and career growth using two fictional characters from sci-fi: Han Solo, the heroic leader of a very small team and Jean-Luc Picard, the understated & thoughtful (but perhaps more boring) leader of a large organization. Along the way, we'll talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each, the idea of leader vs. manager, and the role of fear, motivation, and delegation inside of tech organizations. (Oh and also why Han Solo would stink at DevOps.) Careers have an arc. In software development,... More

Front End Dev Functional JavaScript

That convoluted code-base out of control? A little sprinkle of functional JavaScript may be just what you need. We'll cover a bit about what functional programming is, where JavaScript fits in the spectrum of programming languages both functional and imperative, where it shines and falls short as a functional programming language and the functional techniques developers can use to reduce complexity, while improving the predictability and testability of their JS code. More

Over the past decade, much of the world has been slowly migrating from on-premises, to IaaS in the public cloud, to PaaS, increasing the abstraction level while decreasing the control and complexity. Serverless is the next iteration of that continuum. In this talk we'll quickly offer a high-level overview of services offered by Azure before zooming in on two offerings specifically designed as serverless: Logic Apps & Functions. We'll consider what "serverless" implies outside of a trendy marketing term and whether the reality agrees with the hype. By the end of the talk you should appreciate the workloads that can be handled using the Serverless side of Azure. More

Git software development

A beginner's guide to the everyday use of Git while working on the code high wire. To start, we'll take a look at 'Git Flow' (a set of high level Git macros) giving us a graphical view of three typical dev-Ops tasks: Feature development; Software Release; and Hotfixes. But ‘Git Flow’ is like an automatic transmission car with cruise control always on. The thing is, if you need finer control, it’s better to have a standard transmission. So next, we’ll follow a beleaguered programmer through a day of work, looking at the Git commands used to save the day. [Spoiler alert] It all would have ended very badly, if not for Git. You will learn: * Basic Git calisthenics, giving you the confidence to manage your code and the bravery to try out code... More

Azure Containers Docker Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an industry leading container orchestrator with automated container deployment, scaling and management. Though it may seem intimating, it has never been easier to start using Kubernetes. Whether you are running in the cloud or on-premises, there are many turn-key solutions to get you up and going fast. During this talk we will explore what Kubernetes is, what options there are to deploy Kubernetes clusters in minutes, not hours, and look at some experimental features that make integrating your apps with Kubernetes super easy. More

Azure Functions Serverless

Software development has moved from bare metal to VMs to IaaS to Paas. The next step is Serverless. Of course, there is still a server back there, but with Azure Functions, you can forget all about the infrastructure and just focus on what matters -- your code. Learn how to build solutions using an event based nano-service model that allows you to pay for only what you use. More

Containers go

You've no doubt heard the buzz around the Go programming language. Google's first mainstream language has captured a great deal of mindshare within the developer community. Go's simplicity, and speed are allowing it to become the framework of choice for the new world of microservices and containerized deployments. In this talk, we'll explore the Go language, its conventions, and how to build a simple Go microservice. More

JavaScript nodejs

One of the popular implementations of developing REST based back end services with nodejs is via the Hapi framework. Coupled with Swagger api generation tools and the Joi validation libraries, a schema based approach to interface components can be easily developed. The goals of this presentation would be to a) outline nodejs and hapi web services framework highlight code semantics with Microsoft Visual Code b) outline and demo Joi validation library running in nodejs (on Windows 10) c) demonstrate other related development utilities More

Containers DevOps Docker

Have you heard of technologies like Docker and Kubernetes and wondered what they are used for? Or maybe you've noticed that everyone is talking about "containers" right now and you're wondering - what exactly is a container, anyway? In this part talk, part tutorial, we'll deep dive into the history of containers, and cover why, when, and how you might want to use them, whether it be in production or local development. Come ready for hands-on exercises! More

Android Apple DevOps Front End Dev JavaScript Mobile Development Security software development

Technical debt is a programming concept that explains the extra work necessary to understand code. It is unproductive time spent trying to figure out “what in the world was this developer thinking when they wrote this?”. We too often forget that technical debt is also the unproductive time trying to figure out “what in the world was I thinking when I wrote this?” Sometimes, this question arises after only a few days away from the code. Technical debt encumbers us over and over again, in predictable and unpredictable ways. Of course, we expect some level of technical debt when we maintain someone else’s code written months, years, or decades ago. Unfortunately, we don’t expect technical debt when we return to code we wrote yesterday or last week.... More

Security for users in application is typically broken down into two parts – authentication and authorization. It turns out that authentication is the easy part, and it’s authorization that’s the real challenge. This might sound daunting, but since every application is different there is no single recipe for how authorization should be implemented. This session discusses a couple of approaches and pitfalls to authorization, and uses the ASP.NET Core authorization API as an example of a decent abstraction layer for clean authorization for your applications. We will discover that that regardless of your approach, there is no one size that fits all, and that’s why it important to understand your options. More

Are you a new kid in the world of Big Data? Let's look at some of the topics of Big Data. We will learn about foundations of big data and social physics, What is the importance of data quality and data privacy. What defines "Big Data"? What are breadcrumbs and how the bad "mice" of the world exploit it against you. We will have a quick look at personal sensors and human behavior This module will explore the various sources of data, how to leverage personal sensors to predict behavior. We will explore the basics of data dynamics and data interrogation, and the importance of interdisciplinary research and testing on yourself, to assist in analyzing a data set. What are the fundamentals and structure of peer networks? We will also talk about HDInsight and... More

Learn how to incorporate Azure Search into your application to allow your users to find the data they are looking for. The session will start with how to create, populate and search indexes. Then it will cover how to quickly add more advanced query capabilities such as type-ahead, facets, phonetic search and more. More

The M language is used to access and transform data in Power BI, Excel 2016, SQL Server Analysis Services 2017, and other Microsoft products. Although these tools provide graphical interfaces for common query operations, more robust data retrieval and integration solutions require an understanding of the M language. In this session we first review core concepts of the M functional language including expressions, values, functions, and query folding. We then walk through common examples of using M as a data access layer for data models and implementing transformations such as data type changes, joins, derived columns, conditional logic, and more. More


Let us look at JavaScript - the language that runs the Internet. We will learn how new features are added to the language, how the modern syntax looks, and the main tools for testing, transpiling and bundling JavaScript applications. Anyone looking to start with JS or upgrade development skills will benefit from this presentation. More

Analytics IoT Raspberry Pi SharePoint Windows 10

This session outlines bringing an IoT project from File -> New Solution in Visual Studio to installing Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi, to communicating with external hardware and sending data to a well featured back end (SharePoint, which includes easily configured structured data stores, reporting, aggregation, and notifications) in a few days' effort. More

C# Mobile Development Programming software development Xamarin

One of the biggest advantages of building mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms is that it was built with architectural patterns in mind. This allows for easy testability and separation of concerns for the developer. Why then, does it have to be so hard!? Join Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Gavin Bauman, as he details common pitfalls of working with the paradigm and how to get past them as well as covers some key benefits of working with MVVM! More

Null references have been called "The Billion Dollar Mistake". What if we could make them a thing of the past? Imagine a new version of C# that provided static analysis on all reference variables to ensure you didn't accidentally cause your own version. That future is her, in preview mode. In this session we'll explore the proposed non-nullable reference types. You'll learn how to adopt it into your own code, and how to express designs where null might be valid. Prepare yourself for a world where you can say "When I learned C#, we had to check for null references by hand!" More

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud service providers, and combine that with the amazing Serverless principles and development, mixed in with Open Source Software and you have yourself a recipe for success! Azure has a handful of offerings for Serverless workloads, leaving the developer only having to worry about what they care about most... code! Join Thomas as he dives into how you can host your OSS Serverless workloads in the Microsoft Cloud! More

DAX Formulas Desktop Designer M Language Power BI

The Power BI Desktop Designer has been adopted as a free reporting tool for many companies. Learn how X-Velocity uses super compression to query data faster than ever. See how Power Query can access virtually any data anywhere turning it into business information. Discover how disparate data can be conceptualized into a single business view. New visualization technology brings all this together to see your business like never before. More

Ransomware has become a major issue for computer owners. At this very moment, someone is clicking a link in an email or opening a malicious document. In a few seconds, all their data will be encrypted and they’ll have just a few days to pay hundreds of dollars to get it back - if they get it back (when you pay the ransom, you count on the integrity of the person who provided the ransomware) - unless you have a backup and know how to recover your data. More

Do you have a Web Application hosting in Azure using either IaaS or PaaS? In this talk, we’ll start with a look at what a web application firewall (WAF) is and why you would want to use one. Then once you understand what a WAF can do for you, we’ll then look at some options you have in Azure for adding a WAF in front of your application. For demos, we’ll take a look at adding a WAF in front of an App Service Web App and then a Web Application hosted on a VM in Azure. If we have time we can see how the site handles some malicious requests with and without a WAF. More

As Cloud Computing continues to evolve, pricing and offerings evolve with it. With the advent of Serverless Computing, users can reduce their costs by paying for only the resources they use. Azure Functions enables users to test and deploy microservices to a Serverless architecture in a fast and cost-effective way. You can expect to walk away from this talk with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of Serverless Computing with Azure functions, and experience a demo monitoring Cryptocurrency prices and notifying your device with Twilio. More

Serverless compute helps developers focus on solutions rather than infrastructure to make it easier to build logic solutions. Typically, this kind of solution has 2 major subsystems: Services and orchestrators. Services implements logic actions and orchestrators implements the logic process. In this session, you will learn how to use Logic Apps for orchestration and Azure Function actions in a consistent way. More

Azure Cloud JavaScript Mobile Development signalr Visual Studio

Come learn about the first "official" release of SignalR for ASP.NET Core 2.0. SignalR is a great two-way communication framework, but with this release comes not only some changes or updates, but a complete rewrite of SignalR. Come learn about new features such as ASP.NET Sockets, Binary Protocols, Serialization Improvements, Connections, TypeScript SignalR Client and much more. If you were not a fan of SignalR before, now is the time to check it out. More

We're investing so much in our collaboration platforms and DevOps toolsets, why not unlock their full potential and integrate the two together to not only be notified about events via chatbot but also take action in the very same medium? In this session, I'll demonstrate how we can use serverless compute power to enable a robust and highly functional chatbot solution. More

Azure Blockchain Cloud Security

Seems like we've heard a lot about blockchain recently, the technology behind Bitcoin is now being considered for scenarios from banking to voting in elections. But what is Blockchain really and what are its implications? In this session, I will provide an overview of what blockchain is and what we might expect to see from it in the coming years with the likes of Azure's Blockchain as a Service solution. More

Data Compression Data Partioning SQL Server TSQL

With the introduction of SQL Server 2016 SP1 Microsoft has made all of the database design and programming techniques that had been Enterprise Edition features available in Standard Edition. This talk will introduce the newly available features and show how they can be of great benefit to Standard Edition users. Some of the highlighted features are: • Row Compression and COLUMNSTORE • In-Memory database tables and natively compiled code • Table partitioning • Always Encrypted • Row-Level Security and Dynamic Data Masking These features will be explained with examples of how them can benefit even a small or medium size database under standard edition. More

When you think of internet currency you may think of Bitcoin-- But you should think about content. Now is the time for those with technical and other expertise to create and monetize content. With maturing distribution channels, your content is worth more than every before-- but in order to capitalize you have to understand the landscape of the digital content world. From Lynda to Udemy, from Amazon to Roku, now is the time to capitalize on your content. In the multi-screen, multi-sensory, multi-modal landscape of content delivery that exists today, we have the opportunity to multipurpose content for different audiences, different channels and different modalities more than ever before. Producing content that is flexible enough to be used in many... More

Containers Docker

It used to be hard to actually run code in production. I needed to rent a rack server from a company, login into the machine, set it up, then periodically deploy new application version. Deploying often meant overriding the existing running application, taking a server offline. Long, cumbersome, and error prone. No wonder we did deploys once a month! Luckily there are 4 things that recently revolutionized the way I deploy and run code: Docker, Dokku, Kubernetes and Zeit Now. More

Skeleton states are alternatives to traditional loader icons. If you've visited Slack, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn recently, you've seen skeleton states, but you might not have known what to call them. In this talk, we'll discuss skeleton states and look at some in the wild. Then, we'll jump into React code in order to remove loader icons and add skeleton states. More

Opening Session in Adams + Washington + Jefferson More

FPGA Image Processing IoT

They're in the news, the big boys are talking about them, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, etc. but what are they? This talk is an introduction to FPGAs from the software developer's perspective. I will address what they are and how they are different from CPUs and GPUs. We will look at examples of when you would use FPGAs over other technology. In the remainder of the talk, I will introduce you to high-level development for FPGAs. More

The Data Team is talking about Master Data Management. But why should a developer care? In this presentation you will learn the different types of data mastering and how you can interact with them for your application. More

Front End Dev JavaScript Office 365 PnP PowerShell SharePoint software development

Chances are your company, or your customers', are using Office 365. It's inevitable, you will come across it. Your users are using SharePoint in some manner, whether for vast intranets and collaboration or simply storing files from Groups and Teams. In this session we will explore the Office Dev PnP initiative and what it provides you the developer to access users' data in Office 365 in a much faster manner than coding it all from scratch. We will look at two of the core areas: JavaScript and PowerShell. Yes, PowerShell (it is based off of .Net so we'll dabble there too). We will spend some time playing with code as well! More