Efficient legacy cloud migration using Azure Container Services

More frequently, different companies are requesting the migration of their existing On-Premises applications to the cloud. A cloud solution offers a variety of benefits, such as: no more data centers to support and maintain, vertical and horizontal scaling configuration is now simplified, speed up time to market, among others. But what happens if you deploy multiple (say 10+) Azure WebApps and additionally you have to place some of them in your private network? When you start adding more ingredients into the mix, pretty soon you'll realize the need of additional services (i.e. App Service Environment) or the creation of Azure VMs with Availability Set enabled; all these additional services might accumulate quickly and you could end up paying more than if you use 1 or 3 Master node(s) plus 2 or more Agents (workers). In this session we'll talk about a real life example of an efficient cloud migration and about a benefits comparison between IaaS, PaaS and Azure Container Services that could influence your decision on the option that best fits your needs.