Intro to Big Data and HDFS

Are you a new kid in the world of Big Data? Let's look at some of the topics of Big Data. We will learn about foundations of big data and social physics, What is the importance of data quality and data privacy. What defines "Big Data"? What are breadcrumbs and how the bad "mice" of the world exploit it against you. We will have a quick look at personal sensors and human behavior This module will explore the various sources of data, how to leverage personal sensors to predict behavior. We will explore the basics of data dynamics and data interrogation, and the importance of interdisciplinary research and testing on yourself, to assist in analyzing a data set. What are the fundamentals and structure of peer networks? We will also talk about HDInsight and take a look at Microsoft's items in play. Time permitting, we will also talk about a couple of real life cases where big data has helped transform people's lives.