The Currency of Digital Content: Understanding the Landscape

When you think of internet currency you may think of Bitcoin-- But you should think about content. Now is the time for those with technical and other expertise to create and monetize content. With maturing distribution channels, your content is worth more than every before-- but in order to capitalize you have to understand the landscape of the digital content world. From Lynda to Udemy, from Amazon to Roku, now is the time to capitalize on your content. In the multi-screen, multi-sensory, multi-modal landscape of content delivery that exists today, we have the opportunity to multipurpose content for different audiences, different channels and different modalities more than ever before. Producing content that is flexible enough to be used in many venues is tricky-- but doing it well can be highly remunerative. The landscape for content distribution is complex, but, navigable. Opportunities exist for content developers in new technologies such as internet based television (Roku, Apple TV, etc), and in old-school content distribution channels like print magazines. In any channel for content distribution you can find an audience that will make your distribution efforts both profitable and enjoyable In this dynamic session, the speaker will discuss how he developed a multi-million dollar business in selling content, what channels are available for content sales, and how anyone with expertise-- especially training expertise-- can capitalize on the existing content ecosytem.