Git Acrobatics for Beginner's

A beginner's guide to the everyday use of Git while working on the code high wire. To start, we'll take a look at 'Git Flow' (a set of high level Git macros) giving us a graphical view of three typical dev-Ops tasks: Feature development; Software Release; and Hotfixes. But ‘Git Flow’ is like an automatic transmission car with cruise control always on. The thing is, if you need finer control, it’s better to have a standard transmission. So next, we’ll follow a beleaguered programmer through a day of work, looking at the Git commands used to save the day. [Spoiler alert] It all would have ended very badly, if not for Git. You will learn: * Basic Git calisthenics, giving you the confidence to manage your code and the bravery to try out code experiments. * Keep many balls in the air (i.e. working on long term 'features' while maintaining released code). * Branching and Merging will lose it's mystery and suspense after you see how Git works. * Happy landings, because Git is spotting you (and can catch you before you fall).