Boston Code Camp 29 Schedule

Saturday, 4/7/2018

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Check-in and Coffee
8:20 AM – 8:50 AM Welcome Session
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Session 1
  3D Modeling for Developers with Blender 3D Roman Jaquez Jay Peak (seats 18)
  Building custom solutions on Microsoft Teams Bob German Bretton Woods (seats 18)
  Computer, make it so! Veronika Kolesnikova , Willy Ci Adams (seats 70)
  Getting Started with Azure IoT Jim O'Neil Monroe (seats 26)
  How Linux Containers Work For Linux Beginners Ann Guilinger Cannon (seats 14)
  Modern Data Architectures with Azure Ken Seier Jefferson (seats 67)
  Running Securely on Azure Bill Wilder Washington (seats 70)
  What You Should Know About Your Application: An Introduction to Application Insights Isaac Levin Cranmore (seats 18)
10:15 AM – 11:15 AM Session 2
  Authorization for modern Applications Brock Allen Washington (seats 70)
  Bending Reality with the Hololens Jason Ioffe Monroe (seats 26)
  Fine Tuning your maintenance plans Paresh Motiwala Cranmore (seats 18)
  Intro to the Microsoft Bot Framework with Azure Cognitive Services to easily create a powerful AI bot for Twitter, Slack + more Beth Zeranski Adams (seats 70)
  Kubernetes development and deployment made easy with Helm and Draft Rags Srinivas Jay Peak (seats 18)
  NO SQL, No Mystery Beth Wolfset Jefferson (seats 67)
  Two Ways to Tango: Integrating React JS into Sharepoint 2013/2016 Linus Falck-Ytter Bretton Woods (seats 18)
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM Session 3
  Azure Stack Daniel Colon Jay Peak (seats 18)
  Behavior Driven Development with Node.js Philip Hayes Washington (seats 70)
  Big O Notation for the Self Taught Developer Bob Cavezza Adams (seats 70)
  Data Encryption using Azure Storage Service Udaiappa Ramachandran Jefferson (seats 67)
  Detecting and preventing XSS vulnerabilities Kevin Wilder Cranmore (seats 18)
  Hyped about Hyperapp Gleb Bahmutov Bretton Woods (seats 18)
  Making web apps resilient with Polly, the .NET Resilience Framework Bryan Hogan Monroe (seats 26)
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch
12:20 PM – 12:50 PM Lunch Sponsor Sessions
  A walk with Event Grid and Logic Apps from the Azure Serverless World Rajasa Savant Washington (seats 70)
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Session 4
  Build smarter productivity apps using Microsoft Graph Udaiappa Ramachandran Bretton Woods (seats 18)
  Functional programming in JS and why it's the killer new [but actually really old] paradigm Andric LibreSinn Washington (seats 70)
  How To Land a Job as a Software Developer Bob Cavezza Adams (seats 70)
  Intro to Progressive Web Apps: Adopting an Offline-First Mindset Jayson Alzate Jefferson (seats 67)
  Network Watcher Daniel Colon Cranmore (seats 18)
  Working from Home, is it for you? Isaac Levin Monroe (seats 26)
1:45 PM – 2:45 PM Session 5
  For the Dot Noobs! Things you are doing wrong or can do better Bob Crowley Cranmore (seats 18)
  Improving Performance with Service Workers and Web Workers Christina Kayastha Washington (seats 70)
  Intro to Git and GitHub Andrew Babiec Adams (seats 70)
  Intro to Machine Learning with Neural Networks Jason Ioffe Bretton Woods (seats 18)
  Lightning Talks: SOLID Design Principles, Wireshark, Test Driven Development, Big Data, and Virtual Reality Ron Krawitz , Jacob Elkins , Marcel Mensah , Joshua Adams , Charles Kanakan , Matthew Gallagher Monroe (seats 26)
  MVP IoT with Windows 10, C# and Raspberry PI Jim Wilcox Jefferson (seats 67)
  Native Script - What you need to be aware Baskar Rao Dandlamudi Siva Naga Jay Peak (seats 18)
  Staging data for Azure SQL services John Miner Cannon (seats 14)
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Session 6
  AI on your Phone: An Introduction to CoreML and Tensorflow Lite Ray Deck Bretton Woods (seats 18)
  Azure Table Storage John Miner Cannon (seats 14)
  Building a GraphQL server on top of existing legacy services Patrick Dunn Washington (seats 70)
  Create an Engaging Native Mobile App with Vue.js and NativeScript Jen Looper Jay Peak (seats 18)
  Git by with a little help from my friends Bob Crowley , Nate Morse , Justin LaRose Adams (seats 70)
  Making the legacy less terrible with Docker Tommy Parnell Monroe (seats 26)
  OWASP Top 10 - 2017: What you need to know Robert Hurlbut Jefferson (seats 67)
  Play with Azure Functions Baskar Rao Dandlamudi Siva Naga Cranmore (seats 18)
4:15 PM – 5:15 PM Session 7
  Azure Cosmos Database John Miner Monroe (seats 26)
  Azure Serverless Computing with Azure Functions Best Practices Juan Pablo Garcia Gonzalez Washington (seats 70)
  Building RESTful APIs with ASP.NET Core 2.0 Lina Lekova Jefferson (seats 67)
  Building Your First Game with Unity3D Jason Ioffe Adams (seats 70)
  Deploy and Sell a Machine Learning Model Using Docker Timothy Moody Bretton Woods (seats 18)
  Running Your .NET Code in AWS Craig Bossie Cannon (seats 14)
  Understanding TypeScript's Advanced Types Patrick Dunn Jay Peak (seats 18)
  Vector Graphics with Xamarin Chris Miller Cranmore (seats 18)
5:20 PM – 5:45 PM Closing Session (MPR combined)