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held in April 2018

There were 53 sessions at BCC29.

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3D Modeling Augmented Reality Game Development Mixed Reality Unity3D Virtual Reality

Whether you're developing AR apps for Hololens, AR games for ARKit or ARCore, whether you're creating VR Apps, or doing 3D printing, it is convenient to get already created free models online and roll with it. But what if you have specific 3D Modeling needs? What if you want to create your own 3D models? What if you can't afford a 3D graphic artist? If you're a developer and said yes to the above 3 questions, this session is for you. In this session, Roman Jaquez, a Software Engineer will take you through his journey of being a software engineer with no prior 3D Modeling background to master Blender 3D as his preferred tool for creating compelling 3D assets for his AR / VR apps, and 3D Printing. We'll go through the essential features in the tool to get... More

A brief introduction to Azure Serverless offerings – Event Grid and Logic Apps. Let’s find out how we can create rich application scenarios by connecting serverless logic to events coming from multiple Azure services or your own apps. We’ll walk through a live demo which should enable you to keep creating magic with Azure serverless! More

CNTK Machine Learning mobile Neural networks

The most recent generation of Apple and Android devices introduce the power to run machine learning models at great speeds - directly on the device. This session will talk through the technologies for each platform and how to get value. And contrast with the value that can be gotten from going to the cloud for "bigger" model support. At the end of the talk a developer with a little bit of native development experience could start implementing cool models like real-time image classification right away! More

Modern applications are multi-client/platform distributed applications powered by (micro) services. Once you have solved the identity problem, you will inevitably deal with the question “what is the user allowed to do?”. It is very tempting to blur the lines between identity, authorization and business logic – but this will lead to problems down the line. As part of our work for PolicyServer ( we have developed a reference architecture that brings together OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, tokens and claims in a healthy way that allows for future growth and separation of concerns. Come and learn how! More

Cosmos Database CRUD operations Data JSON documents NoSQL PowerShell

Azure Cosmos database is Microsoft’s new globally distributed, multi-model database service. While there is support for four different application programming interfaces today, we are going to use the SQL API to manage documents store that uses the JSON format. During this session, we will be covering the object hierarchy that is used to group and manage documents. We will talk about the different ways to load data into the Not Only SQL (NoSQL) database. Security can be implemented at many different levels when deploying the service. JavaScript can be used to extend the database with stored procedures, triggers and functions. Last but not least, we will talk about dynamic reporting using Power BI, the Cosmos DB connector and SQL queries. In... More

Azure Azure Function Best Practices Serverless

Serverless Compute helps developers to focus on solutions rather than infrastructure to make it easier to build software solutions. Azure Functions adoption has been increasing so, based on experience, lessons learned are coming with interesting best practices. In this session, you will learn how to build serverless applications and apply best practices when you are using Azure Functions. More

Azure Networking

Hybrid cloud platform that lets you provide Azure services from your datacenter. More

Azure Data NoSQL PowerShell Table Storage

Azure Table Storage is Microsoft's first attempt at a NoSQL database that uses a key value data store. During this one hour session, you will learn how to use Power Shell to manage table storage objects. There are a bunch of cmdlets in the Power Shell gallery that can be used to insert, update, delete and select row data from the key value store. A real life example using historical S&P 500 stock data will explained and tuned for performance. More

Working through a practical example of the implementation of a product feature using Gherkin scripts and cucumber.js for Behavior Driven Development. Demonstrating the advantages of developing features using BDD techniques. More

.Net Augmented Reality c# Game Development Hololens Mixed Reality Unity3D VisualStudio

Living, breathing, digital: Let us build a world blending our reality with holograms we can see and touch. In this session, we will learn the potential of the Hololens and learn how to utilize its gaze, gestures, and voice inputs to allow users to interact with 3D objects and characters. This session will cover the hardware of the Hololens, as well as a crash course in Unity3D. More

Computer Science javascript JS

If someone discussing Big Oh notation sounds like they are speaking a foreign language, then this session is for you. Big Oh notation is important for understanding decision making when creating algorithms, choosing data structures, and exploring design patterns. It also usually comes up during interviews. ;-) In this talk we’re explain the main concept of big Oh notation. We’ll then go on to explore the most common “orders” you’ll see with examples written in Javascript. The goal of this talk is for you to leave with a basic understanding of Big Oh notation and to be able to the notation of common algorithms. More

In this talk, we'll explore how to build apps using Microsoft Graph API to connect to the data that drives productivity – mail, calendar, contacts, documents, directory, devices, and more. Talk includes slides and sample codes prior to session. More

A large portion of many industries are powered by legacy systems that the businesses aren't willing to invest in completely replacing. Often times this leads to stagnant functionality for future consumers. In this session we will go over how to build a GraphQL layer in front of legacy services in order to make consuming data easier for a modern web or mobile client. We'll discuss how to construct a graph to redefine your business entities for modern clients, how to build a graphql schema to be flexible and future proof, as well as best practices for ensuring performance is never compromised. More

Microsoft Teams is a hot new addition to the Office 365 family, and manages to incorporate all kinds of collaboration into a fluid, mobile-friendly user experience. Teams is increasingly used much like a SharePoint Team site (in fact, every team has a SharePoint team site built in!) In this demo-filled session, you'll learn the architecture behind Teams, and how it consolidates Office 365 Groups into a single user experience. Then you'll also learn how to build full-fledged Teams applications utilizing custom tabs, connectors, messaging extensions, and bots. Don't miss this opportunity to add Teams development to your repertoire! More

What makes an API a RESTful API? What are some of the principles for RESTful APIs, what are the restraints? In this session we will explore the REST architecture style with ASP.NET Core 2.0. We will go over HTTP methods and status codes, validation, logging and media types. More

.Net c# Game Development Unity3D VisualStudio Windows10

Together we will build a simple but fully-working game—live and from scratch—using nothing but Unity3D and Visual Studio. Unity3D makes it easier than ever to get started with game development. We will start with the fundamentals of navigating the 3D world inside Unity, and gradually add to our game world piece by piece. By the end of the session, we will have created custom behaviors for our own player character, items, and enemies! More

.Net Azure Bot Cognitive Services Machine Learning

Electronic personal assistants are conquering the world right now. Currently, the biggest tech companies are focusing their attention on artificial intelligence. This opens a wide variety of opportunities for developers and benefits customers. digital assistant can access different devices, complete tasks, provide all kinds of information or just tell a bedtime story to your kids. You can create custom skills based on your needs and implement them for Alexa, Cortana, and Siri. In this session, you'll learn about artificial intelligence and how it works in digital assistant applications. You'll see how to start developing a custom skill for Cortana right from your Visual Studio. We'll walk you through UMass Medical School professor' directory skill.... More

You have a beautiful web site built with Vue? Great! Now you need a mobile app to engage your users even further. Or, better yet, you need to offer different, yet complimentary functionality, while retaining shared code between your web site and mobile app. Welcome to the beautiful world of Vue and NativeScript, which, paired together on the web and on mobile, make for a great user experience. In this talk, you’ll learn about my experience building Elocute, a web app for language teachers with a paired mobile app that students use to perfect their spoken language skills. You’ll discover how to build for the web and mobile platforms using NativeScript and Vue, making the most of the best of both platforms - data entry on the web, and speech-to-text on... More

In this talk, we'll explore different possible of encryption techniques that you can apply to secure your data and comparison with other cloud vendors and offering on storage encryption. Talk includes slides and sample codes prior to session. More

API Development Docker Machine Learning TensorFlow Web Development Web Services

So you've created an interesting algorithm (or you intend to). Great! But then what? How do we deploy and license a potentially commercially viable model to a business or software developer who can actually leverage our work to improve their user applications or further business objectives? There are a number of ways to make money in Machine Learning. Machine learning engineers currently command among the highest tech engineer salaries. But if we want to work independently, have time restrictions, or simply want to have the flexibility to work on the projects of our own choosing what options are available to us? In this Meetup we will walk you through a full demo showing you how to create a commercially viable model, upload that model to an API... More

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is currently number 7 on the well known OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks. In this talk we will look at XSS in 3 parts: (1) What is it? (2) How do we detect it? (3) How do we prevent it? By the end of the talk you should understand the basics of XSS, some of the ways to detect it, and methods you can use to prevent it. More

Come learn with real life examples, scripts and technologies how to cut down your maintenance plans from 6-8 hours to less than an hour. As DBAs, we are in charge of the safety and security of our databases. Backup and ability to restore in a timely fashion is one of the most important responsibility. There are many tools available in the market in addition to Microsoft's own Maintenance Plan builder and Ola Hallengren's awesome scripts. But is this where it should end for a mortal DBA? Possibly yes: if you are new to the whole DBA game, or if you think you are a DBA this is far from the truth. In this session, we will cover some of my own experiments, with supporting data, to minimize your downtime for backups and restores. The other major... More

So you have some C# experience but you're still a little green. Chances are you are making common mistakes without realizing it. This session will accelerate your experience level in just one hour by pointing out things you will never do wrong again, and do so in an easy to understand way. We'll cover as many mini-topics as we can in 60 minutes, including: What a reference type really is and what it means to pass by reference. Using HttpClient correctly. Async/Await mistakes. Exception Handling. Dependency Injection Unit Testing Visual Studio features you should use. And more, time permitting ! psst, even experienced programmers might pick up a thing or two... More

Functional programming is an imperative programming style where we use small pure functions to compose to build out complex programs while avoiding shared state. Functional programming tends to be easier to test and be more predictable. > Functional programming is a programming paradigm, meaning that it is a way of thinking about software construction based on some fundamental, defining principles (listed above). Other examples of programming paradigms include object oriented programming and procedural programming. - Eric Elliot (Master the JavaScript Interview: What is Functional Programming?) More

Just learning how to spell IoT - then this is your session! We'll go over common architecture patterns and services used to build IoT cloud applications on Azure and discuss key themes like scalability, disaster recovery, and security. More

Best Practices Code Repository Git

Using Git with other people can be a challenge. How challenging? Well, after a quick overview of Git, 3 programmers will mix code contributions live. Yes, 3 programmers will all 'pull', 'merge', 'commit' and 'push' code right before your eyes. You get to decide what works and where we run into 'conflicts.' Whether you are good at Git or just learning, we will move your understanding forward with good examples and perhaps a trainwreck or two. But by the end, you'll see how Git helps us get by, while all staying friends. More

Containers Dev Ops Docker Linux

You've heard that containers like docker are the hot new technology in software development. Maybe you've even used them before. But what exactly is a container, and what makes it special? To understand that you need to understand functionality like namespaces and cgroups. For a linux beginner, these are probably unknown concepts. This session aims to demystify containers and explain similar linux functionality and what makes containers so special. More

Best Practices technical interviews Web Development

Finding a job as a software developer is hard - even for seasoned software developers. I've been on both sides of the table and I have actionable tips to help you land a job. In this talk, we'll discuss how to find opportunities, how to prepare for technical interviews, and what to do after an interview is concluded in order to help you find a software development job. More

javascript JS Web Web Development

What is the smallest and purest front end framework out there? Did someone say Elm? I said smallest! The answer is Hyperapp - a really tiny, Elm-inspired pure functional web framework that combines the best features of today's hottest frameworks. It has built-in state management, pure functions, virtual DOM and still is easy to learn in 30 minutes. More

javascript JS Performance Progressive Web Apps Service Workers Web Web Development Web Workers

Have you ever been on a web application that felt...janky? slow? glitchy? In today's world, speed and responsiveness are expectations for our customers. A laggy website is the worst user experience. As web developers, this is a huge challenge! Due to the nature of the web, people might be running our software on anything from their phones, to desktop computers, to their fridge! In this talk I will share some techniques that you can use in order to improve performance in your web apps. We will talk about how you can use service workers to keep your app running seamlessly even when there is low network connectivity. Secondly we'll talk about the browser event loop and how you can utilize background threads to run complex code and improve your app's... More

This an introduction to the decentralized version control system Git. This session will go over the most important concepts and terminology, explaining how Git works and the differences compared to traditional centralized version control systems such as Subversion, CVS, ClearCase and TFS TFVC. This includes a walkthrough of using git with two popular online services: GitHub and VSTS, covering such topics as github flow and pull requests. More

Machine Learning Neural networks Python

From self-driving cars, to targeted advertisement, to cameras that recognize your friends, machine learning is all around us. We will cover the basics of what makes machine learning possible and jump straight into writing a simple neural network in Python. Taking what we learn a step further, we will see how a neural network can learn to recognize the intent of a written phrase. More

How people interact with the web is changing rapidly. Users expect a smoother experience even when they have spotty or no internet connection. Additionally, users are increasingly moving away from downloading native apps. How can developers provide a mobile and offline optimized experiences without a native app - Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)! This talk will give an overview of why you and your business should consider building with an offline-first mindset. It will provide an overview what are PWAs and service workers (the secret sauce) of the offline first experience. Additionally, we will explore the advantages/limitations of PWA’s, their “native-like” features, and provide resources to help get you started. More

The Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services provide the ability for you to easily use powerful AI algorithms developed by experts with a Bot that users can interact with using conversational language with minimal coding. Cognitive Services make it possible for your Bot to see, hear, speak, understand and interact with users using natural conversations. The experts have done the hard AI work so you can leverage their efforts with a few lines of code. You can focus on developing your Bot while the Framework handles the heavy lifting of deploying your single Bot implementation to multiple 3rd party services like Slack, Twitter, Skype, Office and more. In this session, I will demonstrate the Bot Framework with a free version of... More

Most cloud providers have a Kubernetes Service (AKS on Azure, GKS on Google and EKS on Amazon). However, the abstraction for app development on the Kubernetes platform that supports application self-healing, scaling and so on may not be at the right level. Helm and Draft makes this a lot easier by providing a lightweight CI/CD and production-grade deployments. In this primarily demo-driven session, we will cover Kubernetes and deployments on Azure (and another cloud time permitting) with some simple examples. We will look at Helm and Draft and how they can simplify app development significantly, like app. Scaling, rollback, etc. Helm is a tool that streamlines installing and managing Kubernetes applications, like the apt/yum/homebrew for Kubernetes.... More

Moderator: Ron Krawitz Matthew Gallagher: SOLID Design Principles This talk will overview the SOLID Design Principles, five principles intended to make software designs more understandable, flexible and maintainable. Joshua Adams: Using Wireshark to Troubleshoot Networks An overview of how the packet analysis tool Wireshark can be used to help identify network problems. Jacob Elkins: Intro to Test Driven Development During this session we will go over the basics of Test Driven Development and how developers can benefit from this method of programming. We will look into the red, green, refactor cycle and break it down for a better understanding. Marcel Mensah: Introductory Overview of Big Data This session will provide a brief... More

This talk is about how to use docker to improve developing on legacy applications. The focus is on the local developer experience, and not about running code in production. The goal is to demonstrate how docker can improve working with legacy code locally, reducing barriers for developers. More

You will learn how to make resilient web service requests with the Polly resilience framework. I will explain and demonstrate how to retry a failed request, return a default if the remote service is unavailable, and how to stop all requests using a circuit breaker. I will also give a brief overview of more advanced features like bulkhead isolation and caching. By the end of the session you will know how to build more robust applications that can tolerate transient failures and longer outages in remote services. More

Azure Best Practices Data Database NoSQL Storage

A survey of modern data architecture approaches using Microsoft Azure, including SQL at scale, data lakes, Lambda architectures and more. More

.Net Azure c# Devices Embedded IoT VisualStudio Windows10

You're a C#/Windows dev and want your organization to get in on the Internet of Things, and need a first step... We'll go over Windows 10 IoT Core with C#, UWP, and Raspberry Pi as that first step into the smaller world of IoT, looking at coding for the GPIO device connector, and feeding back data through Azure IoT Hub. More

Devices javascript NativeScript

Native Script is an open source solution used to develop beautiful, accessible, platform-native UI - no webviews. Native script can be used to develop mobile applications which can run on any platform like IOS and Android. The session will cover the basics of Native Script with a working sample of mobile application. More

Azure Networking

Avoid installing packet sniffers on your VMs to troubleshoot your Azure network. More

Data NoSQL

Unlike the past, there are now many different types of databases in which to store data. This session will quickly walk through the different types of databases and the use cases for which they are a fit. This will be geared toward the developer that just want to understand what the data team is talking about. More

Best Practice Best Practices Security

Throughout 2017, the members of the OWASP Project spent countless days and months working on the new OWASP Top 10 list. This is a list of the top ten exploits and security threats for web applications along with what developers, IT professionals, and administrators need to know to combat them. In this latest edition, three new issues were introduced and two were merged into one, and two were dropped. This presentation will take a look at these new security risks and what they mean to you. More

.Net API Development Azure Function Cosmos Database

Server less architecture is a current buzz word and there are various offerings to choose from different cloud vendors. The talk will be focused on Azure Functions and the various integration options available as part of Azure Functions. The session will cover the details of how Azure Functions platform can be used to develop enterprise solutions. The session will cover details on how one can combine Azure Functions and Azure Cosmos DB to develop EDI Flie Processing Solution. Participants will get an overview of Azure Functions and would be able to learn developing custom solutions with Azure Functions. More

Azure Security

Microsoft Azure has emerged as one of the dominant public cloud platforms for developers and IT pros. But what are the tools to help us keep applications stay safe and secure? In this Azure-focused talk, we'll cover 18 of them. We'll warm up with a couple of high level topics like compliance and multi-factor authentication, move to security features of more popular services (like Storage, SQL, Web Apps, and VMs) including some that many long-time users don't know about, then shift gears to talk about security-focused services that have come out recently or are in preview. Topics we'll touch on will span administration, secret management, encryption, firewalls, networks, PowerShell, and more. Along the way we'll mention commonly used Azure features... More

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular cloud computing providers, with a wide range of services used by all sizes of businesses. In the past, it has almost seemed that the Microsoft stack developer was a second class citizen in the AWS environment, with .NET code being limited to running on Windows virtual machines. With the advent of native .NET Core support on many AWS services, C# developers will feel at home with the tools available to them and will be able to build their applications using the best that .NET has to offer. In addition, Amazon has provided first-rate Visual Studio and VSTS extensions making the experience even simpler. This talk will help you get started writing .NET code to run in AWS in the comfort of your own... More

Azure Bulk Insert Data Open Rowset PaaS Offering PolyBase SQL Data Warehouse SQL database

Most companies are faced with the ever-growing big data problem. It is estimated that there will be 40 zettabytes of new data generated between 2012 to 2020. See the computer world article for details. Most of this data will be generated by sensors and machines. However, only a small portion of the data is available for users. How can IT professionals help business lines gather and process data from various sources? There have been two schools of thought on how to solve this problem. Schema on write is represented by the traditional relational database. Raw data is ingested by an extract, transform and load (ETL) process. The data is stored in tables that enforce integrity and allow for quick retrieval. Only a small portion of the total... More

With the release of SharePoint feature pack two, integrating react into SharePoint went from painful to pain free. Nonetheless, not everyone has had the opportunity to upgrade. Understanding how to set up a (relatively) modern development toolchain & pipeline in Share Point is a helpful exercise is integrating various technologies together. We will walk through examples in SharePoint 2016 without SPFx and then contrast them with the new tooling available through SPFx. More

TypeScript offers a robust type system as a superset of JavaScript. Understanding how to leverage its power will help you to build a safer, more scalable, and easier to understand code base when working in a team environment. Join me as we cover topics such as generics, intersections, unions, type guards, and more. More

We'll be discussing how to use scalable graphic resources in Xamarin applications as an alternative for bitmap images. Instead of creating multiple resolutions of the same bitmap, I'll show various ways of using SVG and other vector resources to have a single image be used for multiple resolutions and platforms. Some familiarity with Xamarin is expected. More

.Net Azure c# VisualStudio Web Development Web Services

Isaac Levin @isaac2004 Collecting telemetry for applications is essential in building scalable, secure, and configurable solutions for our business needs. Application Insights is an almost-free solution provided by Microsoft to manage apps allowing you to monitor your application live, detect performance anomalies, and observe these changes with powerful analytics tools. In this session, you will get an introduction into Application Insights, demos on how to utilize it against existing applications, and show the ease adding it for new applications. Finally, there will be a demo of the Snapshot Debugger which allows stack trace debugging of exceptions deployed to Azure from within Visual Studio without affecting your Production App. Developers with an... More

One of the hottest workplace trends in technology is giving employees the option to work from home more and more. Though it sounds amazing at first, over time your professional responsibility will drift into your home life, causing issues around work/life balance. With these exciting opportunities to reduce wasted time commuting, it is important to declare early on what your priorities are and how working from home can extend them. In this talk, we will discuss the pros and cons of working from home and how to lean upon the positives and finding remedies to the negatives. More