Boston Code Camp 29 - Sessions Submitted

coming Saturday, April 7, 2018

Session Submissions are open until end of day, Friday, March 2

We are accepting proposals for 30 and 60 minute sessions. See our Submission Guidelines for additional information.

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The following sessions have been submitted, though sessions submitted are not guaranteed to be presented. The final selection of sessions for the event will occur shortly after the session submission period closes.

The event organizers goal is to include a diverse selection of presenters and topics.

We are open to a wide variety of technical presentations, including, but not limited to, the following topic areas:

  • The Cloud
    Azure, hybrid systems, security, Amazon AWS, etc.
  • Containers
    Docker, Azure Container Service, related technologies
  • Data
    SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL, Entity Framework, "Big Data", Hadoop, etc.
  • Development Tools and Methodologies
    VS15, .NET Core, SCC/Git, Agile, SCRUM, PowerShell, etc.
  • Mobile Development
    Xamarin, Native, etc.
  • Security
    AppSec - Application Security in all its forms
  • The Internet of Things
  • Web Development - Client
    HTML 5, JSON, CSS, Razor, Angular, React, etc.
  • Web Development - Server
    WinServer, scalability, asynch, MVC, .NET Core, Node, etc.


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CNTK Machine Learning mobile Neural networks

The most recent generation of Apple and Android devices introduce the power to run machine learning models at great speeds - directly on the device. This session will talk through the technologies for each platform and how to get value. And contrast with the value that can be gotten from going to the cloud for "bigger" model support. At the end of the talk a developer with a little bit of native development experience could start implementing cool models like real-time image classification right away! More

Azure Azure Function Best Practices Serverless

Serverless Compute helps developers to focus on solutions rather than infrastructure to make it easier to build software solutions. Azure Functions adoption has been increasing so, based on experience, lessons learned are coming with interesting best practices. In this session, you will learn how to build serverless applications and apply best practices when you are using Azure Functions. More

Azure Networking

Hybrid cloud platform that lets you provide Azure services from your datacenter. More

Working through a practical example of the implementation of a product feature using Gherkin scripts and cucumber.js for Behavior Driven Development. Demonstrating the advantages of developing features using BDD techniques. More

.Net Augmented Reality c# Game Development Hololens Mixed Reality Unity3D VisualStudio

Living, breathing, digital: Let us build a world blending our reality with holograms we can see and touch. In this session, we will learn the potential of the Hololens and learn how to utilize its gaze, gestures, and voice inputs to allow users to interact with 3D objects and characters. This session will cover the hardware of the Hololens, as well as a crash course in Unity3D. More

.Net c# Game Development Unity3D VisualStudio Windows10

Together we will build a simple but fully-working game—live and from scratch—using nothing but Unity3D and Visual Studio. Unity3D makes it easier than ever to get started with game development. We will start with the fundamentals of navigating the 3D world inside Unity, and gradually add to our game world piece by piece. By the end of the session, we will have created custom behaviors for our own player character, items, and enemies! More

CNTK Cognitive Services Data Analytics Deep Learning

Microsoft Cognitive Services enables developers with powerful set of APIs that can be used to develop intelligent apps with powerful algorithms, using just a few lines of code. The API enables developers to easily add intelligent features – such as emotion and video detection; facial, speech and vision recognition; and speech and language understanding – into their applications with minimum effort. This session will show case how to get started with the API and how it can be integrated with a real world practical applications. More

CNTK Data Analytics Deep Learning Machine Learning Neural networks

While human-like deductive reasoning, inference, and decision-making by a computer is still a long time away. But, there have been remarkable gains in the application of AI techniques and associated algorithms when used to solve real-world problems. One such AI technique that can be leveraged effectively to solve problems is Deep Learning. Deep Learning is a subfield of machine learning that focuses on algorithms inspired by, and partially modeled on biological neural networks called artificial neural networks. The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) is a free, easy-to-use, open-source, commercial-grade toolkit that trains deep learning algorithms to learn like the human brain. This session is meant to explain high level concepts of AI, deep learning,... More

So you have some C# experience but you're still a little green. Chances are you are making common mistakes without realizing it. This session will accelerate your experience level in just one hour by pointing out things you will never do wrong again, and do so in an easy to understand way. We'll cover as many mini-topics as we can in 60 minutes, including: What a reference type really is and what it means to pass by reference. Using HttpClient correctly. Async/Await mistakes. Exception Handling. Dependency Injection Unit Testing Visual Studio features you should use. And more, time permitting ! psst, even experienced programmers might pick up a thing or two... More

Azure Data Analytics Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning services is an integrated, end-to-end data science and advanced analytics solution that provides professional data scientists and data engineers with tools not only to develop ML models, but also tools for data preparation and wrangling, data visualization, model deployment and model management at cloud scale. The session will teach the attendees how to get their hands on each tool in the stack. More

Machine Learning Neural networks Python

From self-driving cars, to targeted advertisement, to cameras that recognize your friends, machine learning is all around us. We will cover the basics of what makes machine learning possible and jump straight into writing a simple neural network in Python. Taking what we learn a step further, we will see how a neural network can learn to recognize the intent of a written phrase. More

We'll talk about how to bring old code bases and teams into unit testing gracefully. More

.Net Resilience Web Services

You will learn how to make resilient web service requests with the Polly resilience framework. I will explain and demonstrate how to retry a failed request, return a default if the remote service is unavailable, and how to cut stop all requests using a circuit breaker. I will also give a brief overview of more advanced features like bulkhead isolation and caching. By the end of the session you will know how to build more robust applications that can tolerate transient failures and longer outages in remote services. More

.Net Azure c# Devices Embedded IoT VisualStudio Windows10

You're a C#/Windows dev and want your organization to get in on the Internet of Things, and need a first step... We'll go over Windows 10 IoT Core with C#, UWP, and Raspberry Pi as that first step into the smaller world of IoT, looking at coding for the GPIO device connector, and feeding back data through Azure IoT Hub. More

Azure Networking

Avoid installing packet sniffers on your VMs to troubleshoot your Azure network. More

Throughout 2017, the members of the OWASP Project spent countless days and months working on the new OWASP Top 10 list. This is a list of the top ten exploits and security threats for web applications along with what developers, IT professionals, and administrators need to know to combat them. In this latest edition, three new issues were introduced and two were merged into one, and two were dropped. This presentation will take a look at these new security risks and what they mean to you. More

With the release of SharePoint feature pack two, integrating react into SharePoint went from painful to pain free. Nonetheless, not everyone has had the opportunity to upgrade. Understanding how to set up a (relatively) modern development toolchain & pipeline in Share Point is a helpful exercise is integrating various technologies together. We will walk through examples in SharePoint 2016 without SPFx and then contrast them with the new tooling available through SPFx. More

We'll be discussing how to use scalable graphic resources in Xamarin applications as an alternative for bitmap images. Instead of creating multiple resolutions of the same bitmap, I'll show various ways of using SVG and other vector resources to have a single image be used for multiple resolutions and platforms. Some familiarity with Xamarin is expected. More

.Net Azure c# VisualStudio Web Development Web Services

Isaac Levin @isaac2004 Collecting telemetry for applications is essential in building scalable, secure, and configurable solutions for our business needs. Application Insights is an almost-free solution provided by Microsoft to manage apps allowing you to monitor your application live, detect performance anomalies, and observe these changes with powerful analytics tools. In this session, you will get an introduction into Application Insights, demos on how to utilize it against existing applications, and show the ease adding it for new applications. Finally, there will be a demo of the Snapshot Debugger which allows stack trace debugging of exceptions deployed to Azure from within Visual Studio without affecting your Production App. Developers with an... More