3D Modeling for Developers with Blender 3D

Session Materials:

Whether you're developing AR apps for Hololens, AR games for ARKit or ARCore, whether you're creating VR Apps, or doing 3D printing, it is convenient to get already created free models online and roll with it. But what if you have specific 3D Modeling needs? What if you want to create your own 3D models? What if you can't afford a 3D graphic artist? If you're a developer and said yes to the above 3 questions, this session is for you. In this session, Roman Jaquez, a Software Engineer will take you through his journey of being a software engineer with no prior 3D Modeling background to master Blender 3D as his preferred tool for creating compelling 3D assets for his AR / VR apps, and 3D Printing. We'll go through the essential features in the tool to get you up to speed in no time to create meaningful assets for your apps.