Intro to the Microsoft Bot Framework with Azure Cognitive Services to easily create a powerful AI bot for Twitter, Slack + more

The Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services provide the ability for you to easily use powerful AI algorithms developed by experts with a Bot that users can interact with using conversational language with minimal coding. Cognitive Services make it possible for your Bot to see, hear, speak, understand and interact with users using natural conversations. The experts have done the hard AI work so you can leverage their efforts with a few lines of code. You can focus on developing your Bot while the Framework handles the heavy lifting of deploying your single Bot implementation to multiple 3rd party services like Slack, Twitter, Skype, Office and more. In this session, I will demonstrate the Bot Framework with a free version of Visual Studio to leverage powerful AI capabilities. You will walk away knowing how to use the Bot Framework, where to find and how to use the growing list of Cognitive Services to quickly make your own intelligent Bot and how to easily deploy to 3rd party channels like Twitter, Slack, etc.