Fine Tuning your maintenance plans

Come learn with real life examples, scripts and technologies how to cut down your maintenance plans from 6-8 hours to less than an hour. As DBAs, we are in charge of the safety and security of our databases. Backup and ability to restore in a timely fashion is one of the most important responsibility. There are many tools available in the market in addition to Microsoft's own Maintenance Plan builder and Ola Hallengren's awesome scripts. But is this where it should end for a mortal DBA? Possibly yes: if you are new to the whole DBA game, or if you think you are a DBA this is far from the truth. In this session, we will cover some of my own experiments, with supporting data, to minimize your downtime for backups and restores. The other major responsibility for us is to maintain performance of the databases and their integrity. We'll also show some of the best practices to help you cut down the maintenance window and give min downtime for your discerning customer.