Lightning Talks: SOLID Design Principles, Wireshark, Test Driven Development, Big Data, and Virtual Reality

Moderator: Ron Krawitz Matthew Gallagher: SOLID Design Principles This talk will overview the SOLID Design Principles, five principles intended to make software designs more understandable, flexible and maintainable. Joshua Adams: Using Wireshark to Troubleshoot Networks An overview of how the packet analysis tool Wireshark can be used to help identify network problems. Jacob Elkins: Intro to Test Driven Development During this session we will go over the basics of Test Driven Development and how developers can benefit from this method of programming. We will look into the red, green, refactor cycle and break it down for a better understanding. Marcel Mensah: Introductory Overview of Big Data This session will provide a brief overview of Big Data, what it is, its characteristics and identify a few real world applications. Charles Kanakan: Virtual Reality In Video Games This talk will give an overview of what Virtual reality is and how it is used in Video games. The talk will also address other applications of virtual reality.