BI Infrastructure in Azure: Points to Consider

Success of a good BI infrastructure is measured by two most important factors: a) Better access to data and b) Increased operational efficiency How can you set up your own BI infrastructure in the cloud to address these? What components do we consider? We can do that by proper selection of technology and vendors from Azure Market Place. How do we keep an eye on possible use of Big Data for your BI. We will also look at the best practices for doing so. We will take a fleeting look at some of the storage options for us in Azure and some Big Data concepts as well. We will learn about Copy Data Virtualization in Azure Market Place that can help you provision terabytes worth of information in matter of minutes. We will also learn about setting up teams and ways to train them(and yourself) in this fast evolving world of Azure. Prerequisites: Some working knowledge of RDBMS systems and some components of BI infrastructure like SSIS, SSRS, redundancy.