How to Get and Nail Your Job Interviews

Are you stuck in your existing job for years? Do you feel you need to get out, try either a new company or a new role or even a new boss? Then, this very entertaining, informative and highly interactive session is perfect for you. I assure you that you'll walk out of it totally reassured and enlightened. In this session I'll share personal and some real-life stories. You’ll learn techniques for finding new opportunities in a competitive job market. I’ll also share how to exploit the social media to your advantage. (They are not bad if used judiciously) What can you do once you get that rare and elusive interview? There are several things we need to take care of like, overall appearance, food habits, arrival, sitting posture, small talk or ice-breakers and humor. The most important parts of the limited interviewing opportunities are closing and follow up. I’ll share my own experience and notes from the field. You will also learn the importance of interview logs. Never stop looking!