Azure AD for JavaScript and TypeScript Developers

You can build amazing user experiences with modern web technology, but to make it useful you almost always need to call web services. Many of these services, such as the Microsoft Graph and custom Web APIs, require an Azure AD access token. That sounds easy, but it's often very confusing to developers who are new to it. Other web services need only an API key, which is easily stolen by anyone who knows how to use the browser's developer tools. In this session you'll learn the essentials for using Azure AD from your browser-based code. You'll learn about the different Azure AD endpoints - a point of confusion for sure - and when to use them. Then for each one, you'll learn how to register your client application and how to get that all important access token. As a bonus, you'll learn how to create your own Azure AD secured services and use an Azure Function Proxy to hide API keys for other services so they use Azure AD instead of an easily copied key value. Don't miss this quick, practical session that will get you consuming Azure AD web services in no time!