Removing the Black Box: Implementing a Minimal React from Scratch

Most web sites are built with some sort of JS framework, such as React or Angular, but how those frameworks work internally often isn’t very well understood. This talk goes through the process of building a minimal replacement for React from scratch, covering how JavaScript interacts with the DOM, and how simple many of the features actually are to implement. By the end of the talk, there will be a work version of code that can replace React, and allows the official React tutorial to run un-touched. The majority of code will be built-up interactively from pre-written snippets (usually 2-8 lines each), but the final changes needed to add state management will be covered with slides, as they contain multiple small changes that would be tedious to make live. Attendee Take-Away People coming to the talk will have a clear picture of simple DOM manipulation from JavaScript, and how that can be structured to allow code re-use.