Lightning Talks: Integrating Alexa Skills, Bluetooth

Moderator: Ron Krawitz Brittany Soares: Integrating the Ask My Buddy Alexa Skill The Ask My Buddy Alexa skill lets you immediately alert someone in your Personal Alert Network that you need help. By linking one’s contact list to the application, the user can verbally dictate who to call for assistance. Reviewers consistently state that Ask My Buddy has been a “peace of mind” by using its capabilities to deter tragedies every day. Charles Odhiambo: Integrating the Alexa Smart Home Skill The Alexa Smart home skill API provides a simple way for users to enable Alexa voice interaction. Smart Home Skills define and handle voice interactions for the user which simplifies the developer’s job. Alexa interprets user utterances and sends messages to your skill. In addition, the Smart Home Skill API enables you to display the up-to-date status of configured devices in the Alexa app. Marc Gosselin: Bluetooth Interface (v1.0) The Bluetooth interface exposes directives and events that are used to manage a client's Bluetooth connection with peer devices, such as smart phones, and Bluetooth-enabled speakers.