Cliff is a senior first officer with a Major UK Airline on one of its newest jets the 787 Dreamliner. He has a passion for flying from an early age, although his earlier career was spent as an apprentice at the Ford Motor Company and then a Project Engineer covering Electrical/Software/Robot engineering for major automotive brands. After self funding his pilots license and passing all necessary exams his first commercial flight was with Aer Arran (Irish regional airline), where he flew ATRs from Dublin and Galway to Ireland regions and into the UK. After this the jets got bigger, the cattle slightly less and eventually he applied and was selected to join a Major UK Airline. After initially flying the Airbus A320 Cliff has continued his personal development and now fly’s the fleet of 787’s across the world, including the recently arrived B787-9. When not flying the plastic jet his time is spent huddled over his laptop thrashing the keyboard and working on some project from embedded systems to .Net. Personal challenges are always part of Cliff’s spare time and as well as continuing to work on software and IOT projects he is busy with family life of a Wife, 3 Boys and 2 dogs and is also a keen cyclist, with the Alps Passporte’s challenge as this year’s goal.