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held in April 2019

There were 44 sessions at BCC31.

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.NET c# Cross Platform Iot Mobile Xamarin

Kayden a local 14yr Old was born with no left forearm and hand, being continually let down by very poor and expensive NHS prosthetics. Being a close friend of the family, I started looking around the web after seeing news reports of home-made devices. I stumbled across the OpenBionics team and the great work they do and set to building a version for Kayden. After 3D printing the parts I moved onto the electronics but this requires building a bespoke board that often needs software changes to set-up and configure. So my version uses off the shelf IOT parts and connects via Bluetooth to a Xamarin .Net application for changing the settings and configuring on Kayden’s phone. Still a work in progress but I will talk about the process used to get this far... More

.NET azure c# cloud Data Office 365 programming

Microsoft Graph exposes REST APIs and client libraries to access data in a variety of resources including Azure Active Directory, Office 365 services, and Enterprise Mobility and Security services. This is all available through a single endpoint: In this presentation we will cover what Microsoft Graph is, how to connect, and interact with Office 365 functionality using C#. However, any programming language that can access the API can be used. More

aframe ar/vr augmented reality beginner frontend javascript react360 virtual reality

Getting started with AR/VR programming isn't just meant for desktop coders with deep knowledge of C# or Unreal Engine. You, the front-end developer, can start coding for AR/VR today! 3D frameworks like A-Frame and React360 make it easy for front-end developers to create immersive VR experiences right in the browser with ease. This talk is aimed to get you from 0 to 1 with a quick introduction to VR, what software and hardware you need, as well as a basic understanding of the architecture of A-Frame so you can start building VR applications today! More

agile Security

Threat modeling is a way of thinking about what could go wrong and how to prevent it. When it comes to building software, some software shops either skip the important step of threat modeling in secure software design or, they have tried threat modeling before but haven't quite figured out how to connect the threat models to real world software development and its priorities. Threat modeling should be part of your secure software design process. In this session we will look at some of the latest advances in threat modeling integrated with Agile Development processes by using User Stories and Abuser Stories. This process is iterative and meant to keep step with Agile Development practices. By enumerating Threats against User Stories / Abuser Stories,... More

.NET AI azure c# chatbot conversational agent

Conversational agents are gaining traction across the enterprise. If you need a solution, Microsoft's got a fantastic starter template known as the Enterprise Bot Template. In this session, we'll dive right in and build a bot in Azure using LUIS and QnA Maker AI cognitive services and look at the architecture of this great launching point. More

azure intermediate Web Apps

We all know the cloud moves fast, so many new products and new features all the time it is hard to keep up. So whether you have been using Azure Web Apps for years now or if you are new to Web Apps this session will highlight some of the newer features of Web Apps and complementary products to help you stay up to date. Some things I'll cover: • Turning FTP off or SFTP only • Turning HTTPS only on • Configuring your TLS versions • Creating a whitelist for your web app • VNET integration and service endpoints • Managed Identity for key vault and SQL DB More

Learn how to build automation scripts for testing any website with SeleniumBase, a Python framework that's powered by Pytest and Selenium/WebDriver. Then learn how to run your automation scripts on Azure. (I'll cover several ways to do this, such as with Azure Pipelines, Docker containers, and Jenkins certified by Bitnami on Azure.) Most of the session will be live demos with step-by-step instructions and walkthroughs. (About me: I've created several automation clouds for companies such as HubSpot, Veracode, and iboss over the last 7 years.) More

Azure Functions is Azure’s main serverless offering. We’ll be diving into how functions can save you thousands of dollars in cloud spend, how to develop very large functions-based applications, and how to operate them at scale. More

.NET ASP.NET Core Azure Functions c# Cross Platform Microservices Mobile Xamarin

Come learn about SwimR, a mobile application that allows you to view your swim times and compare to others. The application is meant to provide swimmers and parents with the ability to track progress of your swimming ability. SwimR takes advantage of low cost serverless computing and other low cost features to minimize operational costs. We will examine all aspects of the application from Azure Functions, Table Storage, Xamarin Forms, and more. More

analysis services azure Data deploy design tabular model

Most companies today are faced with silos of data that might be located in legacy on premise systems, modern software as a service providers and/or born in the cloud applications. Given the location of the data, how can we mash up and model the data to define metrics that are import to the business users? Azure Analysis Services is a platform as a service offering that eliminates the need for managing more hardware and software. The trusted tabular semantic data model can be used to compress large amounts of data into a small memory model. We can use row level security and active directory to eliminate the worry of users viewing the wrong information. In this presentation, we will be reviewing how to create and deploy a model using Visual Studio... More

Closing Session in Adams + Washington + Jefferson More

.NET ASP.NET Core Container Cross Platform docker Microservices

Writing Dockerfiles is easy. Writing good Dockerfiles is not easy. Writing a single Dockerfile that supports both debug and release is hard. This session will walk you through creating a single Dockerfile for your .NET Core projects that supports creating debug and release images, running your application as a non-privileged user (you are not still running in Docker as root are you?), and that can even target different base images (Alpine or ARM32 anyone?) More

Every organization knows that cyber threats are real and defending against them is no longer optional. In this session we will discuss the measures an organization should be taking based on the actual threats they are facing. No nebulous boogey men, just a summary of what is likely putting your business in danger and the measures you need to take to counter them. More

.NET ASP.NET Core azure cloud Container kubernetes Microservices

Learning how to develop container-based applications (ex. microservices) using Kubernetes and Azure Dev Spaces. More

Advanced AllPublic azure beginner Iot Security

How does the DevOps culture relate and benefit the IOT world?. What are the current statistics on IOT security telling us?. What are the available tools to ensure our pipelines take us to healthy predictive maintenance cycles and not putting fires last minute?, This and other "secrets" will be unveiled and the results will shock you. What you decide to do after this will make a huge difference on how the IOT industry takes its next turn, one developer at the time. More

The Cloud Revolution has been one of the most transformational in the history of computing, but for both attackers and defenders alike. In this talk, we will explore common strategies - such as creative use of domain fronting, the chaining of cloud providers, proxy tunnelling, and more - used by attackers to put cloud resources to malicious use. By the end of this talk, you might think twice about exempting your cloud provider of choice from your NSM solutions... More

You’re busy getting stuff done, and that’s awesome. The many Azure engineering teams at Microsoft are getting stuff done, too, which is also awesome. But how do you stay great at what you do by learning about the new stuff, too? Your session host (Chris Bowen) has what is now (to him) a surprising number of years around and, for the last 12.5 years, inside Microsoft, and wants to lend a hand. In this brief session, we’ll tour the ways to learn about Azure (and more) by watching, reading, and doing. We’ll look at the ways to hear the latest news, features, and programs, find online and in-person events, learn best practices and tips, and connect with various teams and people at Microsoft. Things move quickly in the cloud, but you can jet along,... More

So you have some C# experience but you're still a little green. Chances are you are making common mistakes without realizing it. This session will accelerate your experience level in just one hour by pointing out things you will never do wrong again, and do so in an easy to understand way. If you attended my DotNoobs session before, this is completely new content. If you haven't, each topic stands on it's own and no prior knowledge is assumed or required. We'll cover as many mini-topics as we can in 60 minutes: Initialization and execution order of properties, fields and constructors. Gotchas, behavior and guidance of method overloading. Why you can't make encryption secure if your app has access to keys. If your app can decrypt, then so can... More

You might have heard of 'Forth' -- the programming language born in 60s or was it the 70s? It's provides a really different way of looking at programming, a paradigm all its own. But you might ask, "Are there any other languages like Forth?" -- Yes. And if you also asked, "what makes these languages different? That's what this talk will explore... How stack-based code functions, Why is reverse polish notation the most straight forward approach? No need to name variables? You will see example code at each step and you can play with your own variations. It's worth knowing more about this very different way of coding and you'll have fun trying it out More

Ever think about being an independent consultant or freelancer? In this talk I’ll provide you with some real information that can help you decide if it is a right for you. I’ll also provide some tips on things you’ll need to get started and keep moving forward. This presentation is the one I wish I had seen while I was still a full time employee and is full of lessons I’ve learned (some the hard way) during my past almost 10 years as a freelancer/independent consultant. More

We all know there's got to be something better than whiteboarding, unpaid homework, and memorized algorithms, but what are the alternatives? After all, you want to hire the best candidate, not just the person who is best at these interviewing puzzles! In this talk, you'll learn about several different ways to assess coding and professional skills. Whether you're a seasoned interviewer or you've never done it before, you'll take away some lessons like: - Using pairing and code reviews instead of whiteboarding - Top questions to ask - Avoiding common pitfalls that can drive away diverse applicants - Recognizing and correcting for bias - Fairly interviewing talented, but nervous candidates More

.NET Advanced ASP.NET ASP.NET Core Container Service Fabric Mesh Visual Studio

The session includes details of Azure Service Fabric Mesh and current offerings, real-time web application, and console app deployment into Service Fabric Mesh. More

Calculated Column Custom Measures Data DAX Language Power BI

Every Business Intelligence professional should have a basic understating of the DAX language. Products such as Power BI and Analysis Services have a tabular semantic model that can be extended with custom measures, calculated columns and/or calculated tables. This presentation requires no prior knowledge of the language. The DAX language depends upon the relationships defined between tables in the model. The two different contexts (row and filter) come to play when writing expressions. At the end of the presentation, a professional will have working knowledge how DAX can be applied to a given model. More

AWS is a popular cloud platform, which is used by many companies. Amazon's team has provided many useful libraries and tools that enable developers to easily write .NET code that interacts with many AWS their services. In this talk, we'll explore the AWS SDK for .NET for several services and some best practices to know when using it. We'll also see how the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio can accelerate development for the cloud! More

Keeping secrets safe and out of source code has always been challenging. De-coupling sensitive information like connection strings, certificates and passwords keeps these secrets out of source control and away from the prying eyes of decompilers. This session provides an overview of Managed identities for Azure Resources which solves this long-standing problem. Demonstrated is an Azure App Service pulling secrets out of Azure Key Vault with no stored password or token. The Azure portal is used to create a managed identity and assign it to the application, then Azure Key Vault is configured to trust it in a particular role. Additionally, you learn the difference between a system assigned managed identity vs user assigned managed identity. This... More

.NET javascript Microservices Resilience Security

Today, cross site scripting attacks, remain a key attack vector for hackers trying to gain private information of individuals using websites. There are many attack vectors that still exist in browsers due to legacy compatibility, but there are features you can enable to prevent such issues. I'll be talking about the multitude of http headers, and other mechanisms you can use to help prevent your customer's from having their information stolen, and how you can implement these mechanisms in common frameworks such as core. More

AI azure c# chatbot conversational agent

Everyone knows we can’t deny benefits of artificial intelligence both for business and for consumers. Developers are trying to integrate it to all kinds of applications and all major tech companies are working on making it as accessible as possible. Whether you are working with machine learning models every day, building chat bots or just want to “humanize” your app you’ll find Microsoft Speech Services very useful. There’s a wide variety of use cases and applications for them. In this session we’ll talk about Artificial Intelligence in general and then move to more detailed view of Speech Services. You will learn about available speech tools and their applications. We’ll talk about similar tools provided by Google and Amazon. In the end you’ll see a... More

ASP.NET Core is fast becoming popular for developing high traffic web applications. Learn how to optimize ASP.NET Core performance for handling extreme transaction loads without slowing down by using an Open Source .NET Distributed Cache. More

Data DAX Language dynamic dashboards M Language Power BI x-velocity engine

Learn why Microsoft Power BI is taking market share in the enterprise reporting tools area. The desktop designer is an easy to use application that can mash up data from various sources and create visual reports that will dazzle your users. Under the hood, the M-Language mashes up data from various sources into a relational data model; the x-velocity engine stores the data in an efficient column store format; and the DAX language can extend the model when necessary. In short, the Power BI Desktop designer is a one stop place to turn mundane data into dynamic reports. More

Modern web development means that more and more application code is running in the browser as JavaScript. This architectural shift requires us to change how we perform authentication and authorization. Fortunately, using modern protocols such as OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 you don’t need to invent your own solution for this new environment. This session will show you the modern approach for browser-based JavaScript applications to authenticate users, and perform secure web API invocations. As you might expect, security is sufficiently complex and so even modern security comes with its own set of challenges. Luckily, we will show off some libraries that help manage this complexity so your application doesn’t have to. More

Computer vision is challenging, but recent advances in image processing and AI have paved the way for solutions to a number of practical applications. This talk is about the broader class of image processing methods for extracting information from video and images. We’ll start from the beginning with an introduction to the topic, applications, and current capabilities of the state-of-the-art. I’ll present some of the fundamental techniques used to analyze images/video including deep neural network models. Finally, we end with an example of how these techniques come together to solve the problem of counting people walking by a street cam. More

Data dataviz frontend geospatial gis javascript

In January 2018, Uber open-sourced their spatial indexing library called H3 with bindings in C#, Erlang, Go, Java, JavaScript, OCaml, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, R and Ruby. Where are you right now? There are several ways of communicating location in software, and H3 presents a simple intuitive interface for sharing location data and polygons between different software. The purpose of this session will be to demonstrate the key features of H3 and several potential use cases. While this session will mainly be focused around using H3 in JavaScript on the front-end, the subject matter should be of interest to any developer who works with geospatial data, and examples will be related to the rest of the stack as well. The slides will be a ReactJs Single... More

Reselect is a great little library to cache projections off a redux state. I'll show you how you can find performance bottlenecks in your redux applications, and how reselect may help you resolve some of your performance woes. More

There is an increasing demand for computer science courses yet a shortage of teachers with the required subject matter expertise. For 10 years, TEALS has helped high schools increase teacher capacity and build long-term and sustainable computer science programs. TEALS partners teachers new to computer science with volunteers with computer science expertise. Teachers in these partnerships learn computer science while team-teaching with volunteers until they are comfortable teaching independently. In this session, participants will learn about the TEALS approach and how they might be able to contribute to TEALS' goal of computer science in every high school. More

javascript TensorFlow Vue.js

How many hours of human potential are wasted by standing in front of a refrigerator, trying to figure out what kind of ingredients can pair together to create a meal? For folks who travel, the end of a day at work is often brought to a crashing halt as you stare sadly into your hotel’s minibar, trying to figure out a nightcap from the odd assortment of tiny bottles on the shelf. What if there was a mobile app that could intelligently scan the bottles and use machine learning with a custom trained model to suggest for you the World’s Greatest Minibar Cocktail? What if that app was written using NativeScript-Vue, and the training was done using TensorFlow? In this talk, we’ll learn how to create a native mobile app using Vue.js, and how to integrate... More

The prominent trends in software a distributed programs powered by cooperating microservices, each operating independently. These distributed systems are asynchronous by their very nature. You will use asynchronous programming paradigms to build these systesms. In this session, you'll see the most common mistakes developers make using async and await in C#. You'll see the practices you should use instead. This session also provides a deep dive into async streams, a new feature introduced in C# 8. You're building asynchronous programs now. Make sure you're building them for the future. More

Like most developers, you've developed habits as you code. That makes you productive, but keeping those habits often means you're not using new techniques to your advantage. In this session, you'll see new techniques to write more concise code, more efficient code, and less code to express your designs. You'll learn techniques that you'll want to incorporate into your coding habits and use them every day. This talk includes features from C# 7 and C# 8. There are no slides in this talk. It's all code, all the time. More

This is a beginner-friendly introduction to Containers, the most-popular implementation (Docker) and how Kubernetes fits into all of this. This session will go over the benefits that containers offer and what is involved in incorporating them into your workflow. More

.NET c# Cross Platform frontend Uno UWP UX webassembly

WebAssembly has huge implications for the web— it provides a way to run code written in multiple languages on the web at near-native speed, with client apps running on the web that previously couldn’t have done so. Jim Wilcox, Architect with Insight Digital Innovation (formerly BlueMetal), will discuss how to build rich apps with WebAssembly with an intro to UNO Platform. Uno Platform is new UI framework that compiles and runs C# code. It allows for the creation of rich UI apps that can target mobile and web simultaneously. You will learn, in this talk, how to reuse .NET Standard application and C# code to make your applications run across all browsers and all OS with WASM. In this session, not only you will be able to see the magic happen in front of... More

Opening Session in Adams + Washington + Jefferson More

It is a schema-less JSON documents database engine with rich SQL querying capabilities. We will go over Cosmos database, collections, documents creation, and stored procedures. Then we cover CosmosDB's SQL API and how it supports relational and hierarchical queries. Finally we will cover working with CosmosDB through Azure portal and SQL API using .Net code. You will walk away with what Azure CosmosDB is and what are some of the use cases, how to set it up and do some basic querying and how to connect to .Net API to do more advanced coding. More

Have you heard of distributed caching but wondered what it is and whether you should use it or not? Well, attend this talk to better answer this question. This talk is a quick introduction to distributed caching. It discusses how different applications like ASP.NET Core, Microservices, Stream Processing, and others can benefit from it. It also discusses the various ways a distributed cache is used by these applications. And, finally it explains what a typical distributed cache architecture looks like and how you can use it on-premises, in the cloud, and even with containers like Docker. More

Do you want to build applications that easily and gracefully handle transient failures and longer outages in remote services? No more 500s, no more 401s! What if I said that you could achieve this with just a few lines of code? Join me for an hour and your applications will never be the same again! We live in a world of services but as we know the network have never been reliable, other developer’s code has bugs, entire datacenters go offline, the possibilities for breakdown are endless. How does your application respond these failures - does it lose a single request or grind to a halt? It doesn't have to, it can recover and carry on as though nothing happened! Using Polly, the .NET Resilience Framework, you will learn how to make your... More

Xamarin Forms can now target so many platforms, we probably can't get it running on all of them in a single session -- but we're going to try! For this session, we will create a simple app in Xamarin Forms using the standard iOS, Android and Windows UWP. Then we will see what it takes to add support for as many other platforms as possible. Windows WPF, macOS, Tizen? Xbox?, Web? More