Workshop: Building reliable service to service communications with Polly, the .NET Resilience Framework

03:00 PM Monroe

Do you want to build applications that easily and gracefully handle transient failures and longer outages in remote services? No more 500s, no more 401s! What if I said that you could achieve this with just a few lines of code? Join me for an hour and your applications will never be the same again! We live in a world of services but as we know the network have never been reliable, other developer’s code has bugs, entire datacenters go offline, the possibilities for breakdown are endless. How does your application respond these failures - does it lose a single request or grind to a halt? It doesn't have to, it can recover and carry on as though nothing happened! Using Polly, the .NET Resilience Framework, you will learn how to make your service to service communications resilient to failures. Using policies like retry, fallback and circuit breaker you will reduce fragility, lost requests, and downtime while keeping your services connected. Exercises We'll build a Web API application that sends requests to a highly unreliable web service. By applying Polly's reactive policies to our code we will make our requests far more likely to succeed and our application much more stable. By the end of the workshop you will know how to - * Retry requests when they fail * Discriminate between different types of failure and perform actions appropriate to the specific error * Perform reauthorization before retrying if necessary * Give the remote system time to recover by spacing out the retries * Cut communications to a remote system that is not responding Requirements * Computer with your favorite IDE * .NET Core 2.0 or greater * git client