3D printed Bionic Hand a little IOT and a Xamarin Mobile App

01:45 PM Monroe

Kayden a local 14yr Old was born with no left forearm and hand, being continually let down by very poor and expensive NHS prosthetics. Being a close friend of the family, I started looking around the web after seeing news reports of home-made devices. I stumbled across the OpenBionics team and the great work they do and set to building a version for Kayden. After 3D printing the parts I moved onto the electronics but this requires building a bespoke board that often needs software changes to set-up and configure. So my version uses off the shelf IOT parts and connects via Bluetooth to a Xamarin .Net application for changing the settings and configuring on Kayden’s phone. Still a work in progress but I will talk about the process used to get this far and how I have hopefully reduced the costs even more from £10-£15K to around £500 for future hands and plan to give back to the opensource project. Bryan Hogan will moderate this remote presentation.