Spatial Indexing with Uber H3

11:30 AM Monroe

Session Materials:

In January 2018, Uber open-sourced their spatial indexing library called H3 with bindings in C#, Erlang, Go, Java, JavaScript, OCaml, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, R and Ruby. Where are you right now? There are several ways of communicating location in software, and H3 presents a simple intuitive interface for sharing location data and polygons between different software. The purpose of this session will be to demonstrate the key features of H3 and several potential use cases. While this session will mainly be focused around using H3 in JavaScript on the front-end, the subject matter should be of interest to any developer who works with geospatial data, and examples will be related to the rest of the stack as well. The slides will be a ReactJs Single Page App that attendees can clone the repo for and hack at on their own machines.